Customize it! Make it One of a Kind.

5:33 PM

New Additions to my online store!!! Kaleidoscope Collection..

5:17 PM

Auntie's Beads! Check it out!

11:13 AM

Some Representin' Action.

5:31 PM

the BIG Pilsen Holiday Art Sale THIS WEEKEND!!!

5:10 PM

Meet SpiderWoman

12:38 AM

Be Logan Squared & fill your holidays with creative handmade goodness.

1:46 PM

Introducing the Kaleidoscope Collection!

1:07 AM

Mano y Metal: popped cherry,

12:59 AM

Necklaces w/ Meaning...

10:15 PM

Jack Yo Body, Not yo hands.

10:21 AM

smiles come from selling :)

10:10 AM

I'm a Jerk.

10:06 AM

Introducing: Word Puzzles... letter stamped jewelry...

9:56 AM
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