It Started in Puerto Rico...

12:58 AM

So I went to Puerto rico this summer and met a street vendor who inspired me to come back to Chicago and start creating my own jewelry and since August I haven't been able to stop-creating. 

I started with a collection called: "Wired Expressions" which is a series that I use metal wire and transform it into something beautiful and wearable by the smack of a hammer-- :) 

visit Mano y Metal on etsy! Just got it up and going on it's feet.
It's looking like a toddler right now--barely learning how to put one foot in front of the other, but bare with me, I will get it running smoothly soon. 

Here is what I have up thus far...

Mano y Metal

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  1. I really dig your work! I'd love to buy a pair of your music note earrings... how can we make that happen???
    email me @:


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