I'm a Jerk.

10:06 AM

I'm a jerk. 
I know it, been told it, don't care about it.
I am what I am.
I'm a jerk without even meaning to be, it's just the way I am... 
Like when my mom would say she thought she divorced my father but I was just like him so she had "him" there everyday (through me)...
Well, it's like that-- innate characteristics I guess..
i got the jerk qualities embedded in my ways.
I'll go ahead and blame it on my dad cause' my mom is not a jerk- she's sensitive (which drives me nuts and brings out the jerk in me--that is him--sheesh-com-pli-ca-ted.)
Anyway, point is: 
I embrace it.
It's ok, it makes people back off and leave me alone...
So here you go: 
'I'm a Jerk" series
for the Word Puzzle Collection of letter stamps...
I'm celebrating UN-censorship and warning label format to create jewelry that speaks for you- and celebrates the blunt,bold ways of a jerk.
These can be for you or for a loved one you know is a jerk.


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  1. Could you make some for me that read "I'm not: a jerk?" :) Seriously.

  2. What is the fun in that???? lol.Also, EVERYONE is a jerk, ESPECIALLY those who deny being one.


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