Necklaces w/ Meaning...

10:15 PM

So here goes a my dive into metal stamping necklaces...
I started with copper--since it's been on the brain lately... and a perfect fall color. 

The designs came to me while sitting in my cubicle... that familiar voice in my head that is continuously searching for more ways to be creative and in constant conflict with my other responsibilities like work, school--etc. One day I'll let that little voice dominate but for now--it is silenced until I have "time." 
Anyhoo, it said:

"Put them words you stamped on them earrings (yes my voice speaks in improper English on purpose-don't judge) and put them on a necklace with a whole bunch of them discs you cut out and make it look pretty in abstract shapes that dangle--just under the collar bone."

So of course, I never have TIME but it kept nagging and so I did it, I hammered out those discs (smashing my poor index finger with the hammer (inevitably) a couple times) stamped them then stared at them wondering how to arrange them into something both aesthetically pleasing, complicated yet simple and beautiful... 

The first one I made--didn't make it to have its picture taken cause' well, it was the first one and those always come out funny-looking--(like newborns) but alas, here are the two creations that followed. 

I'm already scribbling all the phrases and designs I plan for more necklaces... 

 "I Won't be Sad." 
wear your state of mind. 
can be purchased/viewed:  HERE

"If you Love, you have faith."
Love is a risk- so when you do it-you are taking a leap of faith; that it is worth it.
Can be viewed in detail and purchased HERE

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