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11:13 AM

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Auntie's Beads company recently and sampled some of their products... here is my experience...

You like donuts?

As I navigated their page I came across the most beautiful donut shaped Pendants with swirls of vibrant colors mixed with copper, gold & silver streaks amongst the vibrant blues, greens & reds.
I fell in love with this one:
I instantly imagined it dangling from a simple leather strand as a necklace being the center of attention against a black shirt and HAD to have it!

Also, since I am a fan of Bright-BOLD colors, I naturally graviated toward their glass bead selection as well.. and I must have been craving dunkin donuts cause' again in the glass bead section of their site my eyes latched on to the Murano Style Glass Donut Pendant, Blue, 34mm which is GORGEOUS in person!

Auntie's Beads Murano Style Pendant Collection is absolutely mezmerizing! The way the glass is shaped into hearts, diamonds, squares, circles, & my personal fav-donuts...

All images property of Auntie's Beads and can be viewed in detail here:

Not to mention Auntie Beads had super fast delivery, my order arrived within a few days of placement!

I have only described a single collection Auntie Beads carries, they have soooo much more that will surely catch your eye!
Make sure to browse their site, especially the glass bead selection and I am sure you will fall in love with something.
Now, after all this talk of donuts, I need to get my hands on one with a glass of milk!
Happy Holiday Shopping!

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