Meet SpiderWoman

12:38 AM

So today was the Logan Square Holiday Art Sale and I had a blast as a vendor. I am continuously  amazed at the innovative creations other vendors come up with to sell. 

Mano y Metal added tons of new merchandise to for this show and it is always interesting to see what people are drawn to...

As I was drawn to purchase this handmade spiderman mask...

I was completely fascinated... so of course my spokeswoman for Mano y Metal should wear this now with a MyM necklace at every show! :D
no? si? tal vez?

It is def. an attention getter-- imagine me wearing this at the next art show? 
People would be freaked out, confused or entertained by it--- as if my rude, bold and obnoxious letter stamping venture has shocked them enough--
It's an idea though: 
to wear or not to wear the Spider(Wo)man mask at the next show? 

choices, choices. 

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  1. Spiderwoman! Help Spiderwoman! Come rescue me!
    oh and wear it! make an entrance with it! Something. And I'll THINK about the eye patch. :)

  2. Hmm, just seeing comments on here... lol. i wish i knew where that mask is now-- as small as my apartment is: things get lost forever in there.


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