Some Representin' Action.

5:31 PM

I LOVE Customer PICS!!!!
Here are some pics from customers who were AWESOME to take these one their own and share them on the FB fan page!
I look forward to YOU posting your Mano y Metal pic!
I am going to compile them all in a single album and watch it grow-- like a chia pet ;p
(what's with today and my cheesy metaphors? quien sabe-nimodo)

Bright side, you can get creative with it--
(kinda like gettin' jiggy with it (?) I love Will Smith.... & Pharrell-- wait I am getting side-tracked)

[resume focus of blog post]

or send me the pic and I will get creative with it!
Regardless, post pics, post pics, post pics!

Feed our innate voyerism characteristics... 
We wanna see the goods!
Visuals speak louder than words 
[End of cliches]

Mil Gracias.
(logs off and wraps herself like a mummy with no shame to brave the freezing Chicago winter weather)


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