Bloody Marys

12:35 PM

Saturday was the first time Mano y Metal participated in Handmade Market Chicago! I had no idea what to expect, and stood up all night working on finalizing inventory and checking the “to bring’ list 30,000 times.
---I really NEED a better system of lugging everything around… maybe like a luggage carrier where I can stack my crates and wheel everything around in one stride versus balancing acts with crates threatening to fall out of my grip, while holding the gate open with my foot, searching for the keys while hissing at my 4 year old to please walk faster.
--Anyway, I arrived and the table space I was assigned to was showered in the sunshine that came in through the windows. A Definate plus, as I am a fan of sunshine.
---Setting up has gotten faster too as I no longer get tangled in my anxiety since I created a systematic way to hang every earring, place every pin, ring and layer the levels of necklaces in a time efficient way.  That "time efficient' way is largely due to the big plastic divider that holds every piece of jewelry in an slot and makes my life waaaay easier (please get one if you make jewelry as it saves soo much time and karate chops anxiety). With time comes experience and Mano y Metal is gettin’ more experienced in a very hubba-hubba handmade way.
 --I was amazed at how much traffic poured into the venue with people eager to see what handmade goods would await at every table a vendor hosted. It reminded me of a pulsating organ with spurts of people pouring in at one time, then a pause in the foot traffic, only to have another spurt of people to pour in and that rhythm remained constant throughout the afternoon. In addition, the vibe was very positive and meshed well with the music that spilled out of the speakers creating the frosting to a very delicious Saturday afternoon.
---Another positive was the restaurant linked to the bar that allowed me to run in increments to order, pay & pick up my food while vending. Bloody Mary’s & mimosas adorned many visitors who browsed the market.
--It was a thrill to be a part of Handmade Market Chicago and I am on the waiting list for the February Valentine Show but will for sure be there in the spring for the April show! It is a monthly event and definitely worth checking out, even if it s for the deliciously bloody—Bloody Marys ;p

-Mano y Metal.

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