Define Crazy. For the brave and adventurous only.

12:30 PM

Hi! I generated 10 questions and they are nothing without your 10 answers! I am a writer, and this survey is for a writing project-- I will keep you posted with progress on the project.
Your answers are Anonymous because I understand the need for privacy. Therefore I do not ask for name, gender, date of birth or any other personal identification questions and in fact, you are able to skip whatever questions you prefer not to answer.
The questions have been described as "SCANDALOUS" which is true because when I have a choice, I usually prefer to go with scandalous. My philosophy is: yes, based on my personality but also on the fact that it is easier to trim the fat off the meat than to make a meal out of bone. With that, I prefer to "go there" instead of playing it safe with art & writing. Hopefully you can too!
 THANK YOU for being brave and adventurous and participating.
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