I'm officially obsessed with him & his work.

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I am officially obsessed with him.
The artist: Mark Andrew Webber well, maybe not all of him but his  carving works of words & images in particular....

Yes, it has a lot to do with the fact that I am a writer and believe in the power of words and ALWAYS mix words into my art-- Always...
So of course I am attracted to words on art, like bees to honey especially if the artwork carries beautiful, powerful, witty & humorous messages interwovenly defining the pieces, for without the words, the pieces fall. 

Anyway, like most artists: I am weird and know it. I don't care, I am always in my head creating something and sometimes even if the person I am talking to is super interesting and beautiful and the conversation is super high energy and funny (I like funny) I can STILL wander into the vortex of my creativity and start dreaming up a character to write about or a piece of jewelry to create or how to plot revenge j/k!
Anyway, I am always drawn to keep things, make things, and just plain see things in a different light because I am an artist. So yes, people think I am weird when I want to keep something to make art out of it later when they just rather throw it away.
Artists are weird and Mark finally hit it on the head-- with this carving (the orginal is a carving, this is a screenprint of his work) and I love him for it. :)
And if that wasn't enough for me, I went on his website and rummaged through his "Misc. Carvings" and found more favorites! Like... THIS ONE.
AND this one!

I mean it doesn't get more real than that.
It is so easy for us to look down on someone else, so easy to judge and hate and ______(fill in the endless negative reactions)
but the way he puts a spin on the obvious and most importantly, carves this all out on wood!
These are screen prints of his work, but check out his site and the orginal work carvings are amazing!

His Misc. carving works are a breath of fresh air for me but who am I kidding, he had me at the "Be Creative" piece.

Thanks for reading!
Check out his site HERE
Mano y Metal.

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