Keepin' Project "YEYs" & Tossin Project "NAYs"

4:32 PM

So this week has been one adventure after another and intensely creatively challenging in the sense that an idea swarming in my head is much more easier dreamt up than brought to life. Yes, even if I researched the project for hours and obtained everything I was supposed to according to the “experts”… there is STILL no telling how your project is going to come out and you may just end up tossing the entire idea after all.

Exhibit A: I started to work on a few ideas that had been colliding within the walls of my brain… and I figured, why not? I have a show coming up this Saturday, I figured it was the perfect time to introduce new products to see the reactions of people to them in person. Right? Sure.

Like most things in LIFE: “Easier said than Done.”

As a snapshot: Materials & Tools I started using this week that I NEVER in my life used before:
  • Patina (in various colors/types/combinations- you name it)
  • Solder Gun
  • Saw
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Copper Tape
  • Clay

—Projects lay scattered all over my apartment in half-way scenarios, waiting patiently in their “prep” mode for me to tend to them between work, school, child and sleep.

Two projects are a success so far, & that means: I am feeling good about them and believe I can pull them off.
One being my favorite because it—(I can’t tell you what it is yet because I do not want to give it away) has united me to my long-lost love: collaging.

[Tangent begins] I think I smile as I collage because it is so relaxing to me to layer the words, colors, and images to create a message—I’ve resented having to be a cubicle hostage from 9-5pm this week because I crave a day to just sit and collage all day. [Tangent Ends]

    Project abandonment: Melting metal around glass has been abandoned as of yesterday. I was not happy with the final product so I accepted that at this point in my life and within the perimeters of my apartment --we are not a match. Maybe Glass and Metal melting will make their way back into my creative life later—but for now, I cannot do it and am moving on.
Wood & I are making chemistry this week though let me tell you…—although metal is my first love, wood has found its way to me and convinced me that I can use metal with it and make lovely creations, so alas, Saturday will be the day I unveil the projects and see if you like them or not or what or-

I know I am being real mysterious right now, acting like a Scorpio but I can’t help it—I was raised by a pretty intense Scorpio so it has rubbed off on me—but look, Saturday is my deadline and it’s a day away, so I will be working on finalizing all the madness into a product that hopefully you will want to take home with you.

-Mano y Metal

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