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First you have a choice:

or read this blog post first... THEN

So I decided to work throughout the holiday break I had.
Yes, I was in my cubicle during the day but also after work-- I'd come home and work... on Mano y Metal related things...
and that is how it goes when you are in business for yourself, you feel guilty and like you are wasting time if you are not in some way pushing forward...

It's like mama-guilt-- oh you know "mama-guilt" even if you are not a mama, you have seen it leak out of the eyes of your mom, or your grandmother, or cousin, etc.

Mama guilt is that burning OBLIGATION you have-- that practically removes any choice you have and replaces it with the NAGGING feeling to pay attention to that kid when you really want to surf the net ;p or is what makes you get up and cook cause' you feel guilty the kid will starve if you don't.... ok, ok, I'm being a little extreme, but you get the drift. 
The point is: mama guilt is me,  I always get suckered into cuddling my son at night and end up falling alseep, completely abandoning my long-desired "kid's asleep FINALLY this will be 'ME'-time."
Or another example is: even though you shouldn't, you indulge their little pleading eyes with an ice-cream cone or toy from target...
or make HUGE, difficult decisions based on what is best for them--
basically--the formula goes: mama comes second, child comes first if not mama guilt grows.

This is similar to the demanding pressure to keep pushing forward and adding to the maturity of your business... even if you should be asleep and your eyes are burning.

Anyway, my eyes were burning, I was sleepy, I should have turned off the computer about 2 hours ago when I stumbled across:
and of course I am drawn to navigate the site completely and discover an application process to get featured as an artist and crafter--and I was on the fence on whether or not to put it on the long-alien-like-never-ending-snake-of-a "to-do" list I have growing or just stay up LATER that night and gather pics, material, write, re-write and apply, apply, apply!
 So I pushed through it and said, come on, just do it! (sorry Nike, it's catchy)

So I did, and it paid off! I ended up being featured!

I woke up a few days later to find that Hearthandmadeblog
featured Mano y Metal!

See! it was worth it!!!
Just like all the mamas will say it was worth putting the kid first, when their kid(s) bring home good grades and wait to be married first, before having sex. :)

Moral of the post: Sometimes the mama-guilt for your business can be a great guidepost to motivate you to NOT put things on the never-ending to-do list and instead tackle the assignment right away!
Get on it!

Mano y Metal.


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