Hand Stamped Cuffs Dipped in Insanity.

10:53 PM

HOLA! Hi Everyone!
So... right around the same time I dove into hand stamping metal cuff rings... I also dove right in and starting stamping on metal to make wide and semi-wide Bracelet cuffs! It has been SO THERAPUTIC to stamp it all out on metal.

First off, if you didn't know, now you know: I am--- silly, crazy and a writer so stamping on metal was a wonderful discovery and I loved stamping earrings but with bracelet cuffs--- WOW an ENTIRE new world opens as the space of the cuff design lends to more room to stamp on which lends to more creativity to be spilled in the form of words, which lends to the cuffs to be dipped in insanity as I escape into the stamping mode and letter by letter I write on the bracelets what would otherwise stay swimming on my head or sprawled on a pink post-it in my cubcile.
Here are some of my few creations and the phrases that are waiting in line to be stamped only get bolder as I get braver to stamp it all out.
I hope you stick around for the journey that metal cuff bracelets has created for me!

thanks for reading.

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