Humanize the Product: Part 1

10:42 PM

**Uniting smiling faces with your product.**

So ideally every product I place on my online store I'd like to have a person wear it, bring it to life, give it a pulse--
I'd like to have models for my products and include them in each listing... but I do not always have the TIME-- oh that very coveted thing: TIME...

So for the most part, it is just easier to take pictures of the product alone without models..

And mind you, photographs can be beautifully impactful with just an item being featured in it--

but there something about bringing a person into the product images that connect you with real people--

And I know some Shop owners on Etsy who model all their products-- and as lovely as that is-- TIME again-- who am I going to find to take these pictures of me? Especially since I always want to work at random times of the NIGHT (I am NOT a morning person, I am the kind of person who is wide awake and full of energy at night and will snooze the 7 alarms I set about 10x each every morning).

So again, not very easy to get myself in pictures or others for that matter--- but when I do get the opportunity to have a person
wear, hold, show my products it makes me happy because it is refreshing to have someone model a product you have worked hard to create...
especially if it is one of your favorite 4.5 year olds that insists on being in the picture--
beware, taking pictures is addicting.

Thanks for reading!
Mano y Metal

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