Stamping on Rings.

12:05 AM

So I made the leap and started stamping on rings, they made their debut around valentine's day so I had a love theme going...
Starting the venture into ring making brings me face to face with my love for collecting new tools. I love my toolbox growing in the name of metal making jewelry!:)

Some good things about the rings are:

** It is Unisex- woman or man can wear this ring.
                           yes, I know! I finally made something guys can wear-- I just have to stamp some guyish      things on them-- in the meanwhile, custom orders welcomed!

** It is original- even if I duplicate the style it will never be "identical" to this exact one.
                           I mean- let's face it- this is hand stamped letter by letter, so even when I duplicate a phrase, it will NEVER be identical, so you are always getting a one of a kind item! :D

** It is adjustable so no matter how big or small your fingers are, this ring can fit!

                           That is the best part- because I have some really small fingers and always struggle with finding rings that fit so adjustable is the best way to go! It also reduces the worry if these are gifts, as to whether or not they will fit, as they can always be adjusted to each person! 

here are some recent pics of some love themed creations, also note one of my favorite 4.5year olds is my picture model holding the rings. :D

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by! 
Mano y Metal

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