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11:53 AM

The word love has been making it's way into my creations lately... I haven't been able to escape it-- which brings into light the topic of whether that is the error-- the mindset of "escaping" love... why is that? And I think back to how love is marketed as a sort of "weakening" of a person...
Love made you do it, love blinded you, love is to blame,....yes, I have stamped all these quotes on metal... which brings me back to my point: the word "Love" has been the guidepost in many of my creations and even when the word isn't sprawled across metal... it is the driving force, the bullet in the gun, the source of fire behind creating... (bear (bare?) with me in this freewrite) my love for creating propells me forward to skip out on a few hours of sleep everynight to create, prepare and work... on projects... think of love and those I have loved, what love has brought, what love has taken away, what love has knocked me on my ass over, what love has taught me and well, dang, aside from my mother being one of the biggest influencers on my character- I'd say "love" comes runner up-- anyway, ultimately, love is beautiful.
Have a great day.
Mano y Metal.

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  1. from one Lover Girl to another. I LOVE it. I think I gots to get one. :) Love reading your "crazy" work--absolute brilliance. Love is not weakening--when it's love (not a cheap substitute), the best and the strongest comes the work you're doing. So inspired by you mujer fuertissima. :)

  2. <3 So true Tiff, you know I've heard the "love makes you weak" logic from individuals who want to "reason" it all out and make logical decisions based on "sense" and the "smart thing to do" instead of ones driven by their heart--but I am left to wonder: if the heart is ever left out-- or if the "logic" we spit is driven by the heart's desire to stay or move on.... If anything I think our error in love comes from stubborness, pride and plain & simple: immaturity--
    --Thank you Tiff for your kind words! they mean so much to me. & I am loving your blog-- I've been reading your posts inbetween work tasks-or rather instead of doing work tasks! :D

  3. Hi! I found you on facebook on the Handmadeology fan page. I am your newest follower....I invite you to stop by my blog home and I hope you like it enough to do the same.=)


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