Double Finger Rings Venture: the Japan Relief Fund being an inspiration

3:34 PM

I had the double finger ring idea floating in my head for a while...
of course the dilemma was as usual: time, when to find the time to sit down and play with metal, to see if I could create one...

It just so happened, when I did finally sit down committed to the idea of producing my first double finger ring, the Tsunami in Japan was freshly brewing footage on airwaves, Internet waves, all of it...

So watching CNN footage, reading about parents frantically searching for their missing children... homes ruined, distraught, sadness, fear... I was inspired by the state of Japan to produce my first 3 rings...

The first double Finger ring that I stamped out was: "From Tragedy Comes Unity"

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Why?: look around, natural disasters, a terrible accident, a death of a family member and even a close friend who goes through a tragic breakup-- can all cause unity to bloom among people. We feel compelled to change, contribute, help and be there for others in the face of tragedy often forcing us to ask, why it had to come to tragedy for us to connect in the first place, yet the key is to appreciate the sunshine after the storm... and to unite in the face of adversity. Ultimately, we are creatures of contact and we need to connect with each other which led me to hand stamp my next double finger ring...

"We Are All Searching to Connect Somehow"Hand Stamped. Banner style to create a one-of-a-kind, Double Finger Ring.
I have to admit, this is one of my favorites, I like how all those words managed to fit on the parameters of two fingers.
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Why?: This ring phrase was inspired by the stories that disturbed me most of all: I read of a father who's daughter was in school when the earthquake hit-- he ran and searched for her to find that the school was in ruins and no children were to be found... he searched and searched for her and as I read that-- i could imagine the panic in his heart, the adrenaline propelling him forward... the panic from time passing and still not finding her-- then alas, he did-- he found her in a shelter and was reunited. That is a happy story-- but what about the rest who continue to search and search for their loved ones and remain unconnected? Well, they comb through the rubble hoping to re-connect and see the smiling faces of their children, parents, grandparents, mailman, someone, anyone-everyone missing... somehow, someway, praying, hoping-- "We Are all Searching to Connect Somehow." ***roughly 9,500 missing children and adults in Japan...

And that led me to stamp my next ring for the cause: "Love Made Me Do It"

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Why?: Yes, this has a romantic tone to it, as I find it essential to mix reality with fantasy when creating blurring the lines of context... but in the end, amidst all the destruction, the chaos, the anger, sadness... LOVE continues to pulse strong... from here to there, from everywhere to there and so fourth, propelling the phrase: "love Made me Do it.'

Results: So far, these rings have sold well, people have responded with both likeness to the creations but also, in response to the Japan Relief effort. Every little bit counts, believe it.

Thanks for reading!
Mano y Metal.

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