1st Show lined up for the SUMMER!

10:15 AM

So I know it is MAY and we are still in 50 degree weather in Chicago, but I am hoping the weather gets out of its mood swings and gives us some sunshine already because I am looking forward to outdoor summer craft/art fairs!

Mano y Metal just got accepted into Chicago's Urban Folk Circuit June Craft fair and I am excited to debut as an outdoor vendor!

There will be live music, tons of local Chicago artists selling their creations & (hopefully) WARM June SUMMER weather and SUNSHINE!
Now, I am busy brainstorming all the new inventory I shall create and am excited to debut as an outdoor vendor with Urban Folk Circuit!

Thanks for reading & stay tuned for more summer show updates!

Mano y Metal.

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  1. super awesome!:) did you check out my "sisters" part of my blog. you are the next one up! June, baby!!! people are gonna go wild with your designs, i cant wait to read the interview! :) XOx


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