Ding,Ding: 200 online sales! :D

2:11 PM

Just reached 200 online sales on my Mano y Metal-Etsy store! :D
My 200th sale was to Brooklyn, NY. 

Which brings me to my next back-flip in happiness-- Mano y Metal pieces have traveled to ends of the world that I have dreamed about visiting one day.... 

Seriously, how is it that the jewelry pieces I create in a little cluttered corner of my apartment in Chicago make it to be shipped to parts of the world I have only seen in movies and flipped through in national geographic magazines at the dentist office waiting rooms?

 blows my mind.

Mano y Metal is being worn in:
Italy, France, London, Germany, Australia, Sweden, Hawaii, New York, California, TX, PA, FL, SC, OH, WI, AZ, OR, CT, WA, TN, KS, MD, CO, GA, VA, MA, and of course alllll over my BELOVED hometown: 
C-H-I-C-A-G-O, IL.! :D
and that leaves me with a huge virtual hug to give you all and HUGE thank you for supporting, believing in and wearing my hand crafted creations. 

All of you have kept me going, despite the obstacles, the love you all show to Mano y Metal keeps me going and made it possible to reach this point in only 7months. 

I look forward to the next 7 months and 200 more sales. 

<3 you all. 
Thanks for taking the time to read this. 


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  1. I cant wait to buy something from you. I want a bracelet with one of my poems on it so bad! I will be ordering soon!!

  2. ooooh! That would be awesome! A bracelet with stanzas from your poems! That is the best part of being able to customize the bracelets, that you can out your art on it if you are a writer :)

  3. *PUT (not "out") your art on it... (geez, I need to proofread before I clcik post) :)


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