I think I need an Assistant.

7:07 PM

So on my way into reaching for the orange juice yesterday, I spotted slices of chihuahua (delicious mexican cheese (and no I am not saying it's delicious because I am mexican or love (OBSESSED WITH) cheese- it really is delicious!)) so of course, because I have no self control when it comes to cheeses I grabbed the cheese along with the orange juice... These two food items are my sad substitution for breakfast as I was running late for work already... so I bite into the cheese and BAM! my crown falls out-- exposing my root canal sanctuary.

Now, I know this blog is supposed to be about Mano y Metal, jewelry and art, but this story has a purpose in that direction...
So, there I am with cheese and my crown and thinking: NOOOOOOOOOO I HATE THE F*%*# dentist! eff, eff!

So I go to the dentist,... and of course he beats up my mouth with shots, tools, poking, gluing and proding and I am in so much pain and tired after my visit... like throbbing, & all-my: ignoring-skills-can't ignore-this type of discomfort and I want to sleep for days at this point but then I think: "But I got orders I had to work on, and orders to ship, and people to email, and pictures to edit, and items to post and things to tweet and... and... and... I NEED AN ASSISTANT!

I do, I am not being a diva about it, I am not someone who likes to ask for help (ever, which is not neccessarily good) and I enjoy being active in EVERY part of the creative, business and logistical process of Mano y Metal.... but come on, maybe I can get someone to ship items for me? (This week it was to Hawaii, France & Chicago :)
Prep all the shipping items, help me stay organized?
Clean my work station because it tends to look like a tornado whirled in and around it sometimes... which stresses me out....
and the essence of this "assistant talk" is TIME.

I would be rewarded time if someone helped me do the small, tedious stuff that zaps hours away from me without even warning me it will....
I've played with the idea before and put it on the "yeahright" shelf... but you know what: I think I need help.
WHEW! there I said it...
Don't count on ever hearing me say that again...
but my good o' handcraftin' business is going good and I know I could get SOOO much more done CREATIVELY if I had someone who helped me a lil bit...

but then who would I get?
My sister still has the rebel and say no to everything I ask attitude.... and my brother has a girlfriend... my mom is overworked as it is... my kid is only 4 (although he totally takes pictures of me wearing teh jewelry that totally make it to my online shop)... my friends all have jobs and school... and most importantly, I'd need this person...
to be...
oppisite me in some ways and the same way in others:
perhaps calm? organized... effective, organized... organized...
multi-talented and multi-organized?

anyway, my tooth is feeling better and I am glad it made me think seriously about possibly, maybe, perhaps... having someone help me out once in a while... summer is coming and sunlight lends to all sorts of possibilities.

thanks for reading!
opinions welcomed :)

Mano y Metal.

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  1. welcome to the club my dear! i feel like that every other day!
    i wouldn't get an assistant i would get organized LOL dreaming here.....
    great post though!

  2. I'm not really sure what the process of making one of your pieces entails, but if you thought it was something that other might like to learn then you could do a an internship or apprenticeship with someone and they can do some work for you in return for your time and teaching... its a thought. :)

  3. @studioloor- I know, I just need more time, but with working full time in a cubicle and going to school, I have very little time to spend organizing and cleaning my space, instead when I get in there, I creat, create create then pull myself away to go to bed... tal vez, this summer!:)

  4. @Shaheen Miro- yes, that if def. an idea to play with :) Perhaps when I have a lighter load... basically, I think quitting my day job is a growing possibility everyday... I feel like pursuing my art is what i need to do... now to find the courage to take that step :)
    Thank you for the dialogue & input!

  5. That is a wonderful felling. I pray that you get to pursue your art... thats what we all need... just living our dreams! I feel the same about writing and everything. I feel like you become so much stronger and more in tune with your spirit the more you create. Keep doing it :)


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