Mano y Metal is on TV! UrbanoTV with Dominizuelen in POPLitical!

6:15 PM

First off, I fell in love with Dominizuelen when I saw them transform fluidly from one character to another in their 2woman show: "People in the City" they had me CRACKING UP constantly!

And I am a woman that can be won over in her HEART by:
1. food and 2. HUMOR.
So all I needed was a buffet and I would have been set! But yes, Lori & Wendy who are "Dominizuelen" are bringing IT ("it" defined by political highlights, humor, culture, basically what news anchors tends to keep VOID in their coverage).
& now they have captured the cyber world by storm on UrbanoTV with their channel: POPlitical!

and guess what?
Mano y Metal Hand Painted earrings were adorning Dominizuelen on their most recent episode of POPlitical! :D

(oh yea, oh yea-- does a Will Smith back in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" type of happy dance)


and if first you need to know what "POPlitical" stands for here it is defined:

and when you watch the episode, keep an eye out for this pair being worn:

being worn by Dominizuelen in their POPlitical episode on UrbanoTV! :)

Links to Get to know Dominizuelen better!
Dominizuelen WEBSITE!

Dominizuelen with their channel:
POPlitical on UrbanoTV!
with weekly NEW episodes!

Thanks for reading!
Des, Mano y Metal.

Now go see the episode as it will make you laugh!

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