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3:24 PM

Hola! Hi!

So, I was faced with a dilemma: I needed new display racks to showcase the new inventory of earrings I had made from my hand painted series: Love Affair Collection.

So... it was crunch time-- a few days before Do-Division Street Fest and all I had was a vague idea of what I was looking for as I entered HOME DEPOT...

I walked around the aisles DETERMINED to find what I needed-- this of course, was the "artist" in me, waiting for something to "speak to me" .... Well, I thought I was going deaf cause it was about an hour of walking around and puros deadends...
then when I was on the brink of giving up
I stumbled across these:

oh sure, it looks like nothing here... but in my mind... I saw EXACTLY what I needed to make my new displays!

So I gathered the rest of the supplies:
Spray paint
Door hinges
Staple Gun
Wire Mesh

& I was excited to get home and get to workin!

Now, at this point it is ALL TRAIL & ERROR for me, I don't like to read instructions on things or care about being neat, once I have an idea I kinda bulldoze through it to see my vision to the end (usually because of my short attention span too) and then come back and clean up the craziness I leave behind.

So I began my bull-dozing...


and more spray painting!

and of course, I was on a roll here with ideas and that combined with my very low "patience" tolerance I decided to head over to the local recycled Bike shop to create a new display for my
(I mean why not, I was in "building/create displays" mode...;p)

 Again, I did the whole: "walk around until I find what i am looking for to match the vague idea in my brain"
It worked: I found a Bike wheel of medium size, purchased a teal tire (& thankfully they assemble it all for you there!) and I bought ONE peg (if you grew up in Chicago, you know what I am talking about-- we all rode on these down the street) the guy at the counter tried to convince me to buy two pegs.. you know, "a set"-- but I explained it was for a "project" and he finally left me alone with a confused shrug of the shoulders.

So I walk into HOME DEPOT AGAIN, this time equipped with my teal tire bike wheel with one peg.

I tell the guys working there I needed a base and some kind of pole to hold up the bike wheel.
Imagine their expressions. HAHA.
I didn't care because I had this in my mind:

I was tossed from one department to another and after conflicting opinions and confused expressions from Home Depot employees, I walked out with:

A wood base
black pipe
steel base for pipe

And yes, my table got scratched up because the screws were a TINY bit longer than the wood I bought... so they kinda went through the wood.. 
but dangit, I say the scratches on my kitchen table give it character :)
Besides, I pulled off a new display to hang all my 

 Finally, the last part of my creative display vortex came later that week as I cleaned out my 4 year old son's bedroom... he had old toys everywhere and I started to bag them up when I realized I could most definately use his old building blocks!

Yep, he doesn't need them anymore! :D
So mama super glued them together in various heights and spelled out "Mano y Metal" & wha-laa!
New displays to jazz up placement of my hand stamped double finger rings & single band rings! 
yep, those are totally children's blocks....

Then of course I finalized my earrings stands that begun this:
"I will build my own displays" adventure....

Moral: (oh yes, there is always a moral)
the SKY is the limit to how you can customize your displays.
The key is to be UNconventional.
recycling kids toys helps too.

The End.



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  1. Love it I did some thing like this but with frames! I love this idea better!!! Going to have to give it a try . I think it will look great for earrings and bobby pins.

  2. Yey! I am so glad you like it! :D Yes! TRY IT- I mean, being creative is half the battle already:D
    & yes! for bobby pins too! the possibilities are endless.... :D

  3. YOU ROCK! Love it! This is something I've gotta try (such a bummer I JUST went through my boy's room and donated a bunch of stuff =(...). You're an inspiration! And I'm now following your blog. =)
    Keep up the great work!

  4. Fabulous Video ... and yes ... it was funny ... interesting and cool;-)....

  5. howdy & thanks for stopping by to visit our blog! you're just awesome - i love your displays.

    they sell teal tires?! my mind is blown. i might have to get a bike, now. >.<

  6. :D THANK YOU LADIES! Love to be following all your blogs too and sharing creative energy! :D <3 xo.
    & yes Amanda-- teal bike tires! I know, I was surprised too- then super excited :D
    I will def. be visiting that shop again :)

  7. The video was sooooo cute ! I know how you feel: )

  8. This is so cute! Love the video... im kinda obsessed! Great idea with the tire :)


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