Mid-Week Highlights!

3:55 PM

I hope everyone is having a good day and for my Chicagoans, hope you are enjoying this HEAT, and if heat isn't your thang, then hope you have an air conditioner cause it is HOT tooo-DAY yo!  

So, here are some weekly highlights going on with

Item 1:
Have you been to Elephant Room, Inc. yet? Mano y Metal is one of the MANY artists they carry in their store. All the items are hand crafted orginal works from local artists and even some amazing paintings from a UK artist! 
I made some EXCLUSIVE goods for Elephant Room, Inc. too, so if you are in Chicago, check them out!
Elephant Room, Inc. is located in the downtown area right by the Columbia College!
check em' out! check em' out!

Item 2:

Do-DiviSion 2-day Street Fest was GREAT this past weekend! It was my first time vending in an outdoor summer event (as I only began making jewelry in Oct 2010). So I def. got a taste of everything with the weather starting off at 90degrees Saturday, (total sweat mode) then the punctuation in the heat with some THUNDERSTORM action, (thankfully Urban Folk Circuit, the organization coordinators who hosted us crafters were prepared with TARPS so none of our handmade creations got a drop of rain!)
And Sunday mixing in some cool breeze to conclude the 2 day event. 
I met TONS of new people and it is always super rewarding to see how people react to my work in person as they are able to touch, pick up and try-on the items I create. I def. recommend participating in craft shows if you make stuff, because the feedback you get is priceless.
Another PLUS was I saw so many friends I hadn't seen in a long time, & that def. made the event even more fun to participate in. 
Another highlight is that Mano y Metal started accepting CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS at this event. Yes, I had issues with the wi-fi and AT&T failing me, but overall, it worked out!
I am learning so much and if any of my newbie crafters have questions, please email me and I'd be happy to help, as I learn more and more everyday!
ohh trail and error! :)
 I thank Urban Folk Circuit for making it possible for me to participate as a vendor in the Do-Division Street Fest & have hundreds of foot traffic come across
Mano y Metal!

If you are a Chicago Crafter, Urban Folk Circuit is great to meet and work with!  
Item 3:

Have you joined the GIVEAWAY action yet?
Mano y Metal is a featured artist on the blog:
where in addition to a lovely interview conducted by the lovely Nina, there is also a GIVEAWAY that is open WORLDWIDE that you can join for your chance to win the Mano y Metal: Frida Kahlo hand stamped cuff FO' FREE! :D

click HERE to join in on the fun!

that's all she wrote.

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  1. DES!!!!! what great update, amigA!!!!! :) when will you come visit vancouver?? and sell here!!! :):)

  2. :D Glad you like it! I am loving the giveaway being open WORLDWIDE, what a great whirlwind of awesomeness you are brewing on your blog! :)
    I know! I have been WANTING to visit Vancouver! hmmm... tal ves en el verano? .... oooh, my wheels are turning... must get passport... :) <3 Can't wait for your next photo-shoot pics on your next blog post! xo.

  3. Those Metal bracelet is gorgeous! And very chic~ Totally falling in love with it~ Will check out the giveaway ;) Thanks for dropping by my blog, Am following you back now :D



  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D I am so glad you like them & yes, please do join the giveaway-- couldn't hurt, you might just win!

  5. Okay, I am too a big fan of the cuffs! I'm really glad you happened upon my blog pad @TrashN2Tees. I'm diggin your vibe. Yo.


  6. Thank you gals! :D I love all your Blogs too! the pics & fashion is awesome. oh n @jenelle, I am diggin' your style too-- love how you are bringing new life into old tshirts!


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