Interview! PhotoShoot! Giveaway! Need I say more?

4:36 PM

Imagine how happy I was when I was approached by Chelcie S. Porter for an interview and photoshoot with my pieces!

Photos? Um, Yes! That would be lovely please! :)
Up to this point it has been a tag team of me, my (just-turned)5 yr old & sister snapping pics on the camera--  so the idea of having a professional photographer taking hold of the lens & using  models?! what?! :D
Well, that was just awesome!

Another highlight I want to point out was that this  was my first face-to-face interview! Up to this point I have had the advantage of the INTERNET to be able to cultivate relationships with bloggers, journalists & writers... via email, facebook, etsy, twitter, etc... & I love how I can create friendships that are cyber based with people from all over the world...

So this was new... & I like to try new things.... 


 I met Chelcie in the Pilsen Cafe: Efebinas
we had some smoothies, talked about where we grew up, jewelry making, art, kids, dogs, pilsen, artists, todo (all of it- in spanish).

Then I handed over some of my hand crafted creations and Chelcie took over from that point on!
5 days later, a photoshoot and interview was published In the RedEye (chicago based newspaper online) and I'd love for you to check it out!
Share it, tweet it and PAR-TI-CI-PATE! :)

What's in it for you?

Glad you asked!

A FREE CUSTOM Mano y Metal piece can be yours!

Winner will receive a “custom piece” meaning the winner will win a choice of ONE piece to have customized.
Options to customize are:
  • double finger ring
  • single band ring
  • thin cuff bracelet
  • medium cuff bracelet
  • wide cuff bracelet
You can customize any ONE of the pieces you choose with whichever combination of words/names/quotes… as space permits of course &
I will hand stamp it, wrap it and ship it to you!
That is the Beauty of a GiveAway! :)

Photo by: Chelcie S. Porter

and it is sooooo easy to join the GIVEAWAY!

Check out the Interview & Photos HERE to see how...
Hope you enjoy!

sneak peek:

Infront of Cafe jumping bean, Pilsen,Chicago
Wearing Mano y Metal Hand Stamped Cuff
Photo by: Chelcie S. Porter

Can't wait to see who wins and what piece they will request to be hand stamped and custom made for them!

Good Luck!
& thank you for reading and participating!


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  1. :D Thank you! :D Hope you join the giveaway! <3

  2. CONGRATS on the face-to-face interview! I'm gonna go read right now...

  3. You're so right - way easy to participate. =) I already like your fb page, so even easier. Great interview. I shared the heck out of it. Congrats again. Great job!

  4. Yea! Thanks Kim for sharing the article!! And an extra thanks for joining in on the giveaway fun! ;D


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