Pitchfork Highlights & Thanks you Shout outs!

6:53 PM

The Vending Experience @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2011!

Best Music Concert Outfit: 
Cheetah Print Spandex paired with a Razored T-Shit, and Jordans 
How did she pull it off?
Red Lip stick and big hair pulled it together. 

Best Hair
So people from all over the U.S attended this Music Fest & so many funky hairdos caught my eye but I'd have to say the tangerine orange highlights against an asymetrical cut with a background of light brown hair was the winner for me. 

90 degrees (overall) all THREE DAYS

yes, mama was sweatin'
heatwave started Saturday
with a heat index of 100-105!
I almost melted but survived with only a mild heat-induced headache on Sunday.

 my eyeliner and hair however, did not make it 15min in that heat!
thank goodness for SUN GLASSES to hide the melted eyeliner! ;p
why did I even bother with eyeliner?
force of habit.

Las Ventas
("Sales" in Spanish)

Sales were great!
Sooo busy & c.o.n.s.i.s.t.e.n.t all three days!

I would come home and fall into my bed exhausted, then wake up and create new pieces each morning!
What was cool, was a lot of people had 3 day tickets, so if they only browsed one or two days, they were back for what they wanted by the final day of the fest!

("People" in Spanish)
I had no idea I was to meet so many people from so many surrounding States!
had many interesting conversations
and one customer even surprised me with an
Ice-cream delight
to help me fight the heatwave off! :)
so sweet!
(literally & meta)

Big Thank you to...

Sarah Bortt & Janet Ecklebarger from Coterie Chicago for being the brains and organizational hands behind facilitaing the participation of 40 artisans in Pitchfork Music Festival!
I was so excited when I received the acceptance email!
Thank you!

My friend Yali who delayed her trip to the beach
to save me from being late to set up on Friday
& gave me a ride to Pitchfork when Flashcab FAILED ME & made me wait over an hour!
what the?

My friend Mayra is one of the AWESOME-EST Scorpio's I know!
She came with me two days in a row and
brought along her 15+ yrs in merchandising & retail experience, so I had no anxiety about leaving
her alone
at my table with her while I wandered around the festival searching for cheese fries.
Thanks Mayra for enduring the heat with me! <3

to all the friends who stopped by my table
to say hi, bring me a cool-refreshing drAnk
& just keep me company... THANK YOU! Gracias! 

Check out a review of Coterie Chicago at Pitchfork 2011
by HandsOcuppied.com
Mano y Metal is included!


GIVEAWAY reminder!

Mano y Metal is featured with an interview & my hand stamped pieces were in a photoshoot
by local Chicago Artist/Photographer
Click HERE to JOIN the Giveaway!

Photograph by: Chelcie S. Porter
see more in interview here>> http://neighborhoods.redeyechicago.com/pilsen-uic/2011/07/13/mano-y-metal-pilsen-based-and-custom-made/

that be it.for now..
Thanks for reading!


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