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She is too sassy for her own good...

New Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelets

From the vortex of my mind mixed with "tired of it" and "keep that yuck-energy away from me" the following phrase possessed me until I stamped it on metal to make it know that:
 I am Allergic to Negative*
Keep reading, I'll explain.

Negative: people, attitudes, politics, ex-lovers, life-philisophies, ideologies, energy, personas, creditors & micro-managing supervision. "
Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet

It was how I was feeling & the kind of week I was having, what more can I say?
My hand stamped creations are tunnels into what is making me tick,laugh, love, & groove at the moment...
& hopefully, these moments I have speak to you, relate to you and ring true to you too because it isn't fair for any of the above mentioned to impose their negativity on you.
Just saying :)

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I mean it doesn't get any simpler than that.

I took the liberty to emphasize the words: "Ones" "Matter" & 'Don't" depending on the rhythm of the phrase... then adorned each side of "Don't Matter" with a star.
Why? because I aim to uplift in the sea of people aiming to bring you down.
Stay focused on your personal journey:


And Lastly, to end on a humorous note, because humor keeps the heart young, I leave you with this one...

Hand Stamped on a Cuff Bracelet to bring a little humor into your day! :)

What can I say? I think it is a funny quote said by Rita Mae Brown, a writer.
Those writers I  tell you! :)

View bracelet in more detail and/or purchase click here

Thank you for stopping by!
make it a great day.


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  1. LOVE all these. I still have to buy my daughter's rings as soon as I get to it...You'll see me soon!

  2. Hi Kim!

    :D :D So glad you love these bracelets! And yes, whenever you get to it, you know how to find me! :)

    thank you for stopping by!

  3. I love the new bracelet, and that is a great saying on being allergic to negativity...Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you! :D Glad you like the allergic to negativity bracelet :)

  5. what great bracelets! I am also allergic to negativity... seriously, just so tired of it!


  6. :D so glad you can relate to my notion against negativity! :D
    thank you for stopping by!


  7. Clever of your to turn a negative feeling into a positive! Well done.

    Tell me, how do you get to this point with these cuffs? Do you physically stamp the cuffs out, before adding your comments, or do it both together or how?

    Simply fascinating - and one never knows: might be around at special occasion time for daughters and friends in future.

    All the best.

  8. Thank you Isobel! for my cuff bracelets, I have a supplier who cuts my metal for me but then I give each piece of metal life by hand stamping letter by letter each word on the bracelets!
    It can be time-consuming and also if I mispell a word- there is no way to erase it-- so I have learned not to rush my work and make sure it goes as planned and spelled* :)

    Yes, keep me in mind for special occassions! :)

    Thank you for stopping by!
    have a great weekend.

  9. Hi... Thanks for visiting my blog... These cuffs are amazing!

  10. Thanks for sharing all these handcrafted jewelry.


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