Credit Card Machine Dilema? SOLVED!

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ATTENTION: my fellow artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, artisans and small business owners!

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How to accept Credit Cards starting NOW--the easiest way on the planet, I promise.

Mini Intro: 
Hi! Hola!

So everything has been trail and error sprinkled with moments of anxiety and panic when it comes to my discoveries on how to remedy issues I am SUDDENLY (imagine driving down a road at 70miles an hour then slamming into the brakes because a freakin' deer decides to walk in the road just as you round the corner! ~that kind of "suddenly") faced with. 

Like: wanting to apply for a major (popular, well known, well-promoted, seasonal) craft show and being told you must have an IBT# to apply. 

a what? why? ugh!

Don't worry, I'll cover how I got a hold of that one by the horns too in my next post!

But for now I want to talk about: Being able to accept CREDIT CARDS at shows-festivals-events & more!  

  • don't you want to double your sales?
  • Not turn away customers because you only "can" accept cash?
  • Be out-dated? (I mean you really want to be that guy with the "cash only" taped on their table?)

Oh. and this info is for you even if you don't "do" shows (don't get snooty) because what I am about to tell you can work for YOU even if you are a: 
  • cafe owner
  • boutique owner
  • independent artist
  • contractor
  • non-profit organization
  • small storefront, etc-you get the drift= if you deal with collecting money, then this info is fo' you.

Ok, let's cut the chit-chat and get down to the bizzness. 

After HOURS upon HOURS of researching, googling and panicking I stumbled across:
(cue: that "ahhhhh" church type music) 

SquareUp is a small credit card reader that grants you the authority to accept all major credit cards instantly (like as soon as you start an account) booya! 
  • The credit card reader is easy to use, compact & gets delivered to your house for free.
  • The reader attaches to your smartphone (earphone jack) or Ipad and you can begin swiping away.

  • Customers sign with their fingers (um, brilliant, no need for a pen-plus you save some trees without depending on scribbles on paper).
  • Customers will get an INSTANT receipt via: email or text (if you are green, this keeps getting better and better for you). 
  • No yearly or monthly fees! (you only pay small % per use, so if you don't use, no fees!) 
  • It organizes all your credit card transactions in your acct by date, time, amount, etc.
  • Your money gets deposited directly into your banking account. 
  •  Best of all: you can key in credit cards as well, should some freak accident prevent you from using the "swiper" aka credit card reader.  
  • It is commitment free. no contracts. (for all my non-commital peeps- I feel ya :)
Need I say more?

Check it out HERE if you want to do some research on your own.
Or youtube it, (I did) There are tons of "how to use your square up reader" videos on there.

Hope this helps to enable you to cross over to accepting credit cards if you were still on the
 "cash only" boat!
or stuck paying yearly fees and signing contracts with other c.c companies! 

So if anyone out there is in panic mode the way I was a few months ago about being able to accept credit cards... stop the stressing and instead just go check out the squareup site!

I was so stressed. 
Which is why I wrote this: to save you the stress :)

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think could benefit from this as I mentioned above its not only for traveling craft shows, its for anyone who needs to get paid :)


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  1. OMG! This is amazing. I totally need this! Thank you for the info. I will def be reblogging this!

  2. yey! I am so glad you found this post helpful! :D

  3. @ Stefanie- :)

    @ Kylene -:D yes look into it! So worth it and it gets delivered to your door!

  4. Hiya thanks so much for this!!

    I am your newest follower from Magic and Mud! :)
    Gonna check this Square thing out right away!

  5. I LOVE Square! Customers think it's so cool, too. :)

  6. @ Michelene- Yes! Check it out! It is so worth it!
    @ Tina- you are SO RIGHT! they love signing with their finger and the electronic receipt! so cool :)

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  8. I am very stupid with those things .. but i think it is amazing ! I'm wondering if it is working only in the USA ...

  9. hmm... I wonder too! Look on the website: I hope they do! It is super easy to use :) Thank you for stopping by! :D

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