How do you Measure Up? Video*Love

12:01 PM

How I measure up:
  1. Check! I am a List queen- I'm the type of person who will ADD things to my to-do list if I did them and they weren't there *just* to scratch them off & feel productive :)
  2. Check! I do. I have a notebook in every size so depending on the size of my purse, one can always fit!
  3. Check! ahhh guilty- I do this when I hit a creative wall. Also does talking to self while driving count? ha! =
  4. BOO to me! ooooh, I usually wait until my eyeballs burn from staring at the screen to do that-- then switch to my phone... =FAIL- will work on it....
  5. BOO to me! I am my biggest critic & wait, does the "BOO to me!" count as "beating myself up? :)
  6. Check! Good o' netflix escapes are my mental getaway. I treat myself regularly to breaks. :)
  7. BOO to me! Um, "sing in the shower" .... no thank you. I get shy singing, even in the shower. I'm getting anxiety now even thinking about singing outloud in the shower!
  8. Check!  Mama got this one, caramel flavor is my fav lately too.
  9. Check! Thankful for Pandora radion stations for handling this one! And as a personal testimony, new music, lyrics, & sound totally inspire me and keep me creatively blooming.
  10. Check! I'm pretty open. Open to failing to meet my deadlines, open to knowing I cannot "do it all" and open to love, inspiration and life teaching me the ropes of this here living.
  11. Check! This is soooo true! Surround yourself by cretaive people and BAM! creative juices flow like UV rays outta the sun. Seriously, time is precious, so share it with people who will inspire you, not bring you down.
  12. Check! Thank goodness for the cyber friendships I have built, friends & family for helping me in this one.
  13. BOO to me! I haven't been able to get a hold of this one yet... waiting for the stars to align.
  14. Check! I'm still here aren't I! :)
  15. Check! Considering how much I have reduced the amount of times I hit my fingers with a hammer while working on pieces, I'd say practice has paid off :) #keep it humble.
  16. Check! I've learned to take each mistake I have made and learn from it.
  17. BOO to me! I feel like I can do this more... but don't... so it's on the "boo to me!" list to make me
  18. Check! Yes! Everytime I want to smack someone or myself for a crisis, I focus on what is good & a blessing instead of what isn't!  
  19. BOO to me! I am a workaholic, a workaholic that needs to cut it out and get some sleep, feed myself breackfast and get some rest. Duly noted.
  20. Check! My free-spirit+ faith takes care of this one for me.
  21. Check! I love doing this one! Infact, my day isn't complete if I haven't broken some kind of rule, somewhere that day :)
  22. Check! My mom taught me this one... it can't be forced.
  23. BOO to me! Oh sure, cause' I have leisure time like this! ok, ok, I'll *try. ;p
  24. BOO to me! Hmm, considering at first glance I feel like I have to wrap my head around this one a while before generating an answer... means it needs work.
  25. Check! I am a fan of so-called "imperfections" & know there is no such thing as perfect.
  26. Check! Points to collage of neon colored post-its stuck on wall. :)
  27. BOO to me! AHHHHHHHH! I'm running away from this question just to avoid it... {sulks. comes back} but it is so hard to keep it clean! Ugh. major "BOO to me!" :(
  28. Check! Humor, love ,laughter! I make it a point to find the fun in it all! :D
  29. Check! + BOO to me! Both. because I have a zillion HALF-WAY projects collecting dust.... but also, dangit, I get a lot done and its not like I'm sitting around all day... point is: mama is staying creative! :D

That was fun! Try it! I mean you don't have to write it down or anything, just skim the list and it really helps outline your stregnths and weaknesses but most importantly: provides some great tips on how to STAY CREATIVE! 

 are you a creative master and doing all of the above?
Are they relevant tips to you?
tell me what you think!


p.s I'm still NOT singing in the shower!

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  1. I think I do about half of this list...and the other half...well, needs some work. :) Love it!

    Thanks for stopping by Tutus & Tea Parties!

  2. Love this list! Sometimes I get so caught up with the need to be productive that I forget to focus on creativity and loving the process. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hi @Tutus & Tea parties! yea, I need to work on a bunch too :) Glad you liked it! :D

    Hi Brooke!
    I know I saw it and felt compelled to share it! I too am guilty of trying to stay so productive that i lose track of what feeds my soul-- the creative part of it.
    Thank you for stopping by! :)


  4. Following you back from busymomsteam! Love your bracelets :)


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