I have a Chaotic Core. I admit it.

3:46 PM

Hi! Hola! 

How can I become more organized? All my efforts seem to result in the same disorganized, overhwhelming chaos. 

And yes, I was that kid who would tell my mom, "I know where everything is in this chaos!" (called my room).. I knew my book for class was under the pile of clothes in the corner and my red heels were behind the pile of magazines stuffed half-way under my bed & my favorite pair of jeans were usually wrapped in my comforter.

So, time has passed and yes: I have matured, grown, lived, loved, learned and purchased so many fancy plastic containers that snap here, close there, collapse this way, stackable ones, labeled ones, and STILL, STILL I remain disorganized. 

Um, what is my problem? I try so hard and over and over, I swear!
I can spend the entire afternoon cleaning my creative work station and take a deep breath with satisfaction and sit to work and I guarantee in about 2 hours I am back to: "where is my hammer?" "I Just put my packing tape right here, why can't I find it?" and so fourth... 

Am I hopeless? 
I mean, I know I have a chaotic core... my essence is wild and flies freely in every direction... (often at the same time)... causing chaos but i credit that to the artist in me. The artist in me blooms wildly from my chaotic core. (dangit, I'm stamping that on a bracelet) but: I need some order and to make sense of it all..

>> I need to tame the beast of disorganization & chaos.<<

I want to so bad too, & for everything of mine just to STAY organized once I organize it... for me to stay organized... for me to stay organizing.... 

Dear Beloved Belongings of Mine, 
Can you just stop being a jerk and getting messy, yea? Can you work with me instead of against me? 
Mama Des.

...but alas, I have yet to find the secret to those neat, orangized, seemingly perfect individuals who always know where their hammer and packing tape is because they never allow their work station to peak at chaos as I do. 

Lately, the voice in my head is too sassy for her own good and has been taunting me with: Look woman, you need to learn those organized people's secret & get it together already!
And my inner voice is right, I do. I would save so much time if I was organized.... now, how to discover the counter-chaos potion.

Is there a secret?
I thought the secret to being organized was labeled plastic containers, but I have a bunch of those and the organization charm still hasn't been activated.

Will someone help a mama out with any info, tips, and secrets to their organized success? 

from the bottom of my chaotic core
I thank you. 

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  1. LOL I think if you craft...yo have to be disorganized! Unwritten rule!

    Thanks for the blog follow. Following you back.


  2. ha! yessssssss so glad you said that... was feeling like an outcast but glad to know others are also happily crafting & disorganized.

    I agree, crafting creates messes. :) I just wonder how some manage to stay afloat the mess, when sometimes I (often) (almost) drown :)

    oh art.

    thanks for following! :D

  3. thanks for coming over to my blog. yours is great...

  4. Thank you for stopping by! It's great to network! :)

  5. Hi Nice to meet you, I am your newest follower, I am on todays twitter tree with you... I was told by Jacki to come on over and check this blog out!!!!

    Great job!

    Come see my blog...


  6. So nice to meet you...I'm not following you too.


  7. Hi SweetyBird09! Thank you for stopping by my bog! :) I am now following your right back! :)

    Hi Ruth! Thank you for following! It is great to network with fellow creatives! :D Also, checked our your other blogs, great stuff!


  8. I never thought of myself as having a chaotic core, but what you describe sounds just like me! My studio is open to the public on weekends and sometimes I've even said to guests that it feels like "all I do is make a mess and clean it up. Sometimes I make things too."

    I'm constantly reorganizing and cleaning but it just keeps coming back every week.

  9. Christine! Wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel!
    "all I do is make a mess and clean it up. Somtimes I make thinsg too." basically sums it up for me too! I have so many half-way projects because I start to try to clean before finalizing them...

    and yes, it keeps coming back! That is the problem... how do people "keep" it clean and organized :) ahhh, fellow artists understand :)

    Thank you for your comment!

  10. Just subscribed via email! I don't see you in the Google friend connect on my page, but maybe it takes a while?? Hmmmmm...... Well, I am enjoying looking through your posts and your jewelry! You are super talented!!


  11. I have always opted for calling my work space an organized mess ;)
    Besides no mess= no fun! I like the surprise items I find while looking for something totally different.

  12. Hi Camille! Thank you for stopping by! :) I really like your blog and the pictures you feature in it are beautiful!

    Hi Citialli, I read the "Your Story" tab on your blog and love what your name means! Que bello tu nombre! So happy to hear how you ventured into sewing and staring up your Etsy shop, you have a lovely blog and I am already coveting several of your beautiful handmade cluthes! :D Also, I agree: no mess= no fun! That goes for life & love too! :D I suppose that is the beauty of the creative journey! :D


  13. caught myself here too: grrr! Citlalli! :D Sorry, people misspell my name wrong all the time with: "Dezeray, Deseree, Dessert..." when it is Desiree, so I like to call it and get it right. :) I should have just typed "City" :)


  14. Perhaps it's your destiny to work in such chaotic conditions - inspiration may not come via any other route? As for that hammer - ask St. Anthony to find it! He's a great friend in such circumstances and nothing is too difficult for him to find on your behalf. Trouble is, he may not do it immediately! Happy clearing!

    Oh, and thanks for following me on www.ColdhamCuddliescalling.blogspot.com!

    All the best. Isobel

  15. Isobel, tis true, in the midst of it all, it makes sense to me... Thanku for your words!
    That hammer has a mind of its own. :)

    have a great week!


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