Meet: Lola!

4:54 PM

This week I was asked...

Where does your inspiration come from?

And My answer was:

A little woman with a loud laugh, messy hair, sassy attitude and imperfections galore, she loves to dance, has a strong objection to household chores and can be caught rolling her eyes in defiance to what she defines as: "haters." Well, this little woman lives in my head, she is my inner voice. She works in alliance with my heart and eyes... whatever I see or feel she projects through a creative lens and keeps me awake late at night making me bring my inspirations to life. I don’t know what I would do without her daily ramblings pressing against my temples, insisting I pay attention to the details...because that is where the magic of what inspires me lays.

then I decided to doodle a little woman on the computer and and wah-la, I present to you my inner voice who goes by the name of: "Lola"
hee-hee :)

This all came about when I met: Citlalli from the

She featured me in her blog and sent me 3 interview questions... the one that prompted "Lola" was her 3rd question to me... please stop by and read the interview and check out the Sew beastly blogCitlalli is a talented seamstress bringing you adorable & fresh cluthes, wristlets and purses!
I also LOVE her logo! It is so cute! :)

P.S. you should know there is a 25% off Discount code to my Etsy shop lurking in the comment box of Mano y Metal's featured interview on the Sew beastly blog!
Click here to get the code
& check out the interview+ awesome SEW BEASTLY products & blog!
Thank you for featuring me Sew Beastly

And for helping me give a name to my inner voice:)

What does your inspiration look like?
What name would you give your inner voice?

Happy Friday Dudes & Dudettes!
Des y La Lola,
Mano y Metal.

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  1. Hi! (hola!)
    Thanks for following my blog you have beautiful works!!!
    Gracias por seguir mi blog, tu trabajo es hermoso!!!

  2. Hola! :D Gracias por la visita a mi blog tambien! Saludos!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Des, sorry about that up there. Oops!
    I just wanted to tell you I am in love with Lola!! Oh! and I think you met my inner voice already! You are so creative!! I love it!

  5. Hola,
    Mucho gusto. I love the "strong objection to household chores", lol.

  6. @Citlalli- I LOVE your inner voice aka the beast! He is so cute fun and beastly! :D <3

    @maria- hahaha- glad you like that-- she tells me that I can be doing other things besides washing the dishes! --Like you know, making jewelry :)

  7. Love Lola!! Very cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I now have a new online friend. . . I'm following you too! I have a contest starting tomorrow on my blog so come again and check it out!


  8. Hola! Tienes un gran blog, por supuesto te sigo desde ya, y muchisimas gracias por visitar mi blog y seguirme, trato de mejorarlo cada día.

    Un beso, Lau


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