Stop Stressn'

10:48 AM

A customer requested this phrase to be stamped on a bracelet for her this week...
and you know, it has just been ONE of those weeks for me... you know what I mean by ONE of those weeks? The kind that is just testing your patience, character, attitude, and I admit it, I have been worrying about a dozen things and then I received this custom-order request.

And this happens often, where the request I receive speaks to me. Speaks to me in the sense of: completely relevant to my current circumstances, state of mind, heart-- and as I stamp it I can't help but smile because signs are everywhere and I love how someone in another state requested something that: 
                    I needed to see & read,
                                         because they needed to see & read it too,
            and I thought,
                        more people might need to see & read this.... so here it is:
Stop Worrying So Goddamn Much

Have I mentioned I love sass & honesty rolled into one? 
Love that this request has both.

Thank you Melissa in Missouri for requesting this, I needed to hear it.

Have a great day everyone!
thanks for reading.

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  1. I SOOOOOO needed to hear it too! Thanks for the post!

  2. @ Just B you- So glad it spoke to you too! no more worrying! :)
    @ Stefanie- :D So glad you lvoe it! Crazy how signs are everywhere! :D

  3. Hi there! What an adorable blog! I can tell you are a true artist!

    Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog! Yes,it warms my heart to have people come by and say Hi!

    I love your work and your style!

    Your fellow Handmadeology Teammate!

    Also, I will add you to my circle!~

    You Go (vamanos!) girl!

    Maybe some time I can interview you for my blog? Would that sound good to you>
    Let me know!

  4. Hi Kelly!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! :D I love to network with fellow artists/moms/creatives/entrepreneurs so very happy to meet you cyberly!

    Sure! I'd love to be interviewed, let me know when is good for you! I am better reached via email:

    Love your Etsy Mom Blog too!

    Have a great week :)



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