12:17 PM

Stop feeling guilty about: not responding to that email yet.

Stop feeling guilty about: having a Netflix marathon
when you should be "working" on SOMETHING...

Stop feeling GUILTY about: running late!

Stop feeling guilty about: disliking that annoying co-worker.

Stop feeling guilty about: feeling overwhelmed.

Stop feeling guilty about: never responding to that text message.

Stop feeling guilty about: deleting toxic people
from your facebook "friend" list or better yet: from your life.

Stop feeling guilty about: loving him, her, them, all of them.
It is YOUR love to give!

Stop feeling guilty about:
not calling your mother today.

Stop feeling guilty about: complaining.
say what you need to say to VENT!

Stop feeling guilty about: throwing stuff OUT!

Stop feeling guilty about: crying. 
Just like we need rain, we need tears.  

Stop feeling guilty for: Not caring about that.

Stop feeling guilty about: being rude

Stop feeling Guilty for not recycling that
can of coca-cola yesterday.

Stop feeling guilty for: following your instincts
against all odds.

Stop feeling guilty for: mocking hipsters.

Stop feeling guilty for: eating sweets.

Stop feeling guilty for: following your (outrageous) dream(s)!

stop feeling guilty for: being selfish sometimes.

Stop feeling guilty for: Saying NO!

Stop feeling guilty about: changing your mind.

stop feeling guilty about: taking a break!

Stop feeling guilty for: (fill in the blank)




I felt compelled to write this today as I started to feel guilty about not doing this, falling behind on that, forgetting about that and, ugh, ooh! and blah, blah blah and I thought: enough!
I'm done feeling guilty.

Life is too short.

 sending you love and + vibes!

Des, Mano y Metal

All Rights Reserved © Copyright Mano y Metal 2011

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  1. Des, I really needed this today!! Thank you!!

  2. Des. Thank you for reminding us that we are human and I always don't need to be wearing my super hero cape (disguised as an apron).

    This was PERFECT!

  3. I'm not feeling guilty today ! Maybe a little tired now x x x x

  4. @ Citlalli-- You're welcome! It was in the air, glad you connected! :D

    @ Maria- Absolutely! Sometimes we have to take off that cape and put our feet up and relax without the to-do list pressuring us to get up and work. So glad you liked my post! :D

    @ Charlotte- tired= is me everyday... sleep and me need to get together more :)


  5. thank you for this! feeling guilty does nothing!

  6. omg... almost all of these hit home. it's so true though... guilt is just so counterproductive.

  7. I love this! I have come to the conclusion that guilt is mostly a wasted emotion. The people who should feel it ...Like murderers or abusers... don't feel it. . Meanwhile good people feel guilty for little things like forgetting to return a call or accidentally saying the wrong thing! I am trying to teach myself not to spend time feeling guilty for little things. Thanks for this reminder!!

  8. You are awesome. Thank you so much for the follow yesterday, and I'm so happy I could find your blog AND your shop--I'm drooling over all of your pretty pieces! I think I'll be purchasing that boss lady one soon. :)

  9. Yey! Thank you Ladies for stopping by my blog and leaving these lovely comments! :D

    @ Katie- so true!

    @Chantilly- so glad some of these hit home and yes! soooo counter-productive! Now, if we can only remind ourselves of that when we make ourselves feel guilty :)

    @ Jenny P- I couldn't agree with you more about it being a wasted emotion! & yes, we need to stop beating ourselves up for the small things! thank you for sharing your thoughts with me! :D

    @ Amy- I LOVE YOUR BLOG! thank you for making me smile with your comment! & "boss lady" is one of my favs. :)


  10. I needed to read this post today!!!
    I've been feeling guilty about getting behind on my blogging...Glad I stopped by today to read your post! It was JUST what I needed to read! =)

  11. Yey! SO glad you stopped by today and read it! :D


Yey! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog & comment!

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