Sunday FUNday! {No.1} Curlers & Bobby Pins!

7:24 PM

Sunday FUNday was a phrase my friend and I termed when we spent the day exploring thrift stores, walking around the colorful Pilsen, Chicago neighborhood & having a michelada on a sunny Sunday afternoon, hence: Sunday FUNday was born! 


Sunday FUNday {No.1}
Today I took out the pink curlers that I had purchased in hopes of replacing the curling iron that you know, damages your hair. And I mimicked what I remembered from my childhood memories of my grandmother wrapping her long tresses in pink curlers...
to view earrings being worn: click HERE
 \\\\\ I also chose to wear my hand stamped earrings that say: "Mas O Menos" (translation: "more or less" in spanish) as a play on words via circumstances seeing that I knew "More or Less" what I was doing with these curlers.... :)& hoping them would "more or less" do the trick! //////

To view jewelry being worn click: earrings  and Double finger ring

So I walked around the house for about 2 hours with the curlers in and then let them out to see what happened.... 

Verdict: Not curly-- but instead my hair was a gentle wave..
For best effect, I suppose I could sleep in them overnight and have them super curly...

Anyway, all that pink curler fun was to show you I've been working on some bobby pins!

Here, I have an image of the dazzling Marilyn Monroe sealed behind a domed glass cabochon
and set in a pair of Antique Copper bobby pins!

I designed them so that they can lay criss-crossed in your hair and both face the same way :)

I have a dozen more that will be for sale in my Etsy store soon! 

So, stay tuned for more handmade bobby pins with some fav. images 
more Sunday FUNdays posts! 

t'was a Sunday FUNday indeed! 

Des, Mano y Metal

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  1. Love those retro feeling shots with the curlers =)

  2. Yey! :D Thank you! :D who knew curlers could be so fun!

  3. Thanks for 'Following' Gglad to meet you and follow your cute blog.

  4. @ Stefanie- yey! so glad you love it! :D Thank you!

    @ AllThingsHomey- Thank you for stopping by! :)


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