Sunday FUNday {No.3} Video!

8:40 PM

Hi! Hola! 
For my Sunday FUNday No.3 I decided to make a video to show you the Heart & Hands Behind Mano y Metal!
It can be viewed HERE

Basically: It was in honor of all the one-woman shows out there juggling all the logistics of running a small business & Etsy Shop! It is NO EASY task, it is exhausting, but also, beautifully rewarding and I wanted to send a shout-out cause' I feel ya! I appreciate all the inspiration I read on your blogs, your Etsy shops and creativity! 

I know it seems never-ending.. I know sometimes you'd rather just sleep and ignore your email, but you know in your heart, you love being your own boss, and hey, who knows, maybe one day we will be able to hire help! (fingers-crossed-heehee)Meanwhile, keeping kicking A**!

The handmade world is a wonderful community to be a part of! 
Keep up the amazing job to all the 
one wo(man) shows out there! 
Have a wonderful week everyone 
& thank you for stopping by!

t'was a Sunday FUNday indeed! 



If you missed em' here are the past Sunday FUNday posts!

& if you're up for joining in on the Sunday FUNday fun, make a fun blog post- anything and everything can be soaked in humor, then grab a button & let me know so I can link to your blog post in a mention here!

:D join in on the Fun!

more buttons here! 


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  1. Superwoman. Great flick. Have a happy week, you inspiring one-woman show!

  2. Hi Liz! :D glad you liked it! hee-hee!
    Thank you for stopping by! :D
    Have a wonderful week too!

  3. LOL love it!! I'm going to email you :))

  4. Got your email! :D yey! I am def. interested and honored! GRACIAS! :D
    will work n get u the answers asap.

    Have a fabulous week!

  5. Hey, so glad to have found you! Love what you're doing, and always dig hearing what's going on in my hometown! (I left Chgo 15 yrs ago, but in my heart, it's still "my hometown.")

  6. Hi Liz! I love the energy in your blog and products--it's definitely catching! Thanks for following me!

  7. LOVE your Blog & Shop!!
    So happy you found me, so then I could find you!!
    The video is GREAT, I can so relate!!
    Following your blog now, I grabbed your button and put it on my blog here -
    Looking forward to getting to "know" you!!

  8. Awe! THANK YOU SO MUCH LADIES for stopping by & all your kind words! :D Love connecting with you all! :D
    have a wonderful and creative week!

    & thanks Michele so much for adding my blog to your wonderful collection of blogs you love! You are so sweet!


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