Sunday FUNday {No.4} Thrift Store!

9:27 PM

Hi! Hola! 
It is that time of week! 
Sunday FUNday No.4 was hosted at one my favorite places to explore:  
the Thrift Store!

My favorite part of today was definitely how my friend kept getting stuck in dresses every time she tried them on, I kept telling her to put them on feet first but she insisted on over the head. AND I couldn't help but take pics of her trapped in the lime green prom dress!

I like my Sunday Funday weekly posts to be completely organic and usually go with my first instinct that drives me that day...and today I was driven by a goal to get my hands on a pair of 90s style overalls- (I know, I know, I'll explain later)... so I called up my friend Mary and we headed over to the thrift store to see what fun we could find...
haha, looks part of my grill (teeth)

Red+Round Toe+Steve Madden's=1/2 a size too big, boo!

we found stuff alright! 
Including Vintage Dresses we couldn't resist trying on and walking around in! After all, we were in it for the fun.

Now I know I am not the only one that gets stuck in dresses!
scarf anyone?
Some dresses just have that Cinderella appeal..
fur coat= instant glamor

spice rack anyone?
you should know: this is the little boy section and THAT is a little boy SIZE shirt!

fell for this scarf: only $4.

she comes in peace...I think..
I decided I needed these Black Leather gloves in my life.

So what started this Thrift Store mission today was to search & locate a pair of 90s overalls.... I looked through the women sections, kids section & even men's section and couldn't find a pair! Looks like I'll have to keep searching... and when I do, I'll let you know what I am up to with those. 

Thank you for stopping by & checking out this week's Sunday FUNday! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!
& a special thank you to my friend for being such a great sport to have some fun at the thrift with me today!

t'was a Sunday FUNday indeed! 



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:D join in on the Fun!


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  1. i really hope you got that blue dress!! it is awesome!!

  2. :D heehee, I wore the blue dress half the time there.. but sadly only the black leather gloves and purple+beige scarf made it home with me :)
    next time I'll have to make a vintage dress mine!


  3. looooooooove your sunday funday posts!!! they make me so happy :D

  4. :D :D :D :D :D YEY!!!!!! GRACIAS NINA for all you support!! :D

  5. Adorable post!!! I wish I could have that much fun!

  6. DeS, That looks like the definition of a Sunday Funday. Way to go!

  7. popping over to say hello! this sunday funday post is fabulus, love seeing your adventures thrifting :) this surely made me smile :)

  8. That looks like so much fun! I love all of your funny pictures! So cute!
    Xo Chloe.


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