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Here is the Story:
When I was contacted by Christina, (the host+brains behind this fundrasier) to participate as a donor for a cause, the minute I heard diabetes I was already in.
My grandmother has Diabetes, my uncles has diabetes, my mother-in-law has diabetes, my neighbor has it... the list goes on...
and since it runs in my family, anytime I indulge in sugary foods, there is a nagging voice in the back in my head saying:
"you want to get diabetes?"
Or when I feel light-headed and get hit with a dizzy spell (because I have a bad habit of skipping meals and overworking myself)
the nagging voice says:
"See! you might have diabetes, it runs in the family, go get checked out."

And of course, I shrug it off and continue about my day since Diabetes has been in my face since I was a child...
But that is just it, while we shrug it away, it consumes more and more of our population, and is indeed a very real problem.

So, upon hearing the cause, I was in!

I made something exclusive for the Diabetes Fundraiser taking place this Saturday and it will be raffled off!
There are also many more awesome donations being raffled off that night so let me just give you the info so you can check it out!

Every year, the American Diabetes Association hosts Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes in order to raise funds in the name of diabetes research and, ultimately, to find a cure for the disorder. The Walk is a little over three miles and takes place in downtown Chicago. This year, the walk will take place on October 22.

Saturday, Oct 1st, 2011

Juniors Sports Bar in Pilsen


Organization administering the fundrasier: Clique

Hope to you there!

donation to the Diabetes fundrasier is part of the: Mano y Metal cares initiative.

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