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Hello! Hola! Today I have a guest post by the lovely friend Citlalli from Sew Beastly! I am so excited to share her creative energy with you all & she makes sewing looks so easy! Without further ado, here we go! 
Hello everyone!!  My name is Citlalli, and I am the person behind Sew Beastly.  It is a pleasure being over here at Des' awesome blog sharing this easy diy with you all.
I met Des not too long ago, and I was taken back by her awesome personality, her art, her sweet self....her uniqueness!!  She has quickly become a great friend of mine and I could't be more honored to be here today!!  Thanks for having me over Des!! Well, as you know Des is quite the champ when it comes to craft shows {she has been there cheering me on as I dive into the craft show mania}.  She has so many under her belt, and she just keeps on raking them in!! This quick and easy apron tutorial was inspired by my first craft show.  My first craft show was hectic,  I ended up leaving too much until the last minute.  Everything that could go wrong that morning before the show went wrong, but I didn't let it defeat me.  I armed myself with plenty of PMA {positive mental attitude} and embraced this new experience.....but something was still missing....something where I could keep all my craft show essentials, and keep them within apron!! This next apron tutorial is crazy easy!!  Hope you enjoy.....
Easy Apron Tutorial
First thing to do is figure out your measurements.  Best bet is to use a kitchen apron you already own as a guide for measurements.  You don't own one??  The next few steps should be helpful....
  • Start by measuring the front of your body, from hip to hip.  Add about 3 inches, and there you have the width for your apron. {mine is 18 inches}
  • The length is a bit trickier since it will depend more on your height, where you want your apron to sit at {waist / hips}, and how long you want your apron to be.  I made mine 10 inches.
  • Pocket time!!  Now is a good time to gather all your goodies you want to be able to carry around with you, and determine the measurements for the pockets.  The width of the pocket panel should measure the same as the width of the apron itself. {18"}.  The depth of my pocket panel is 5.5 inches.  My pockets are all different widths.
**Here is where you can really customize your apron by making pockets that will hold all of your special + awkward tools.**
  • Let's now move on to the waistband...Take the width of your apron and add about 20 inches to each side and that should be your waistband length. {In my case: 18 + 20 + 20} 
**Remember to add at least half an inch to all measurements for seam allowance.**
Well, we figured out our measurements, now comes one of my favorite parts....picking out fabrics.  
I kept my apron simple, so I only used two types of patterns {kitties + polka dots} and a very simple color palette {black + white + red}.  Please be as adventurous as you want to be.
Ready??  Here we go...
Step One
Cut up your fabrics.  Don't forget to add at least half an inch to your measurements for seam allowance.
  • 2 pieces - 19"x11" {body}
  • 2 pieces - 19"x 6" {pocket panel}
  • 1 piece - 40"x 5" {ruffles}
  • 1 piece - 59"x 3.5" {waistband}
Step Two
Let's assemble the elements of the apron starting with the waistband.
Fold the strip lengthwise with right sides of fabric facing each other and stitch along the raw edge.  Turn the band right side out {through the end with a safety pin} and press.  Don't give it a top stitch yet.
Step Three
Take the piece you cut up for the ruffles, fold it in half {lengthwise} with wrong sides facing each other, and ruffle it up!!  I do my ruffles freestyle, but feel free to do them any way you want.
Step Four
Take the two pocket panel pieces right sides facing each other, and sew {widthwise} along raw edge.  Press seams open and then fold along the seam.  You can give it a top stitch or use bias tape to accent the pocket panel.  Now measure the width you want your pockets to be and mark them.  I made my pockets in various sizes to be able to fit an array of tools.
Step Five
Take one of the body panels + the pocket panel, align them by their bottom edges and stitch along the marks you made for your pocket widths.  I decided to add one of my signature flowers to my apron.  This is the best time to add anything extra to your apron. {patches, beads.... the sky's the limit}
Step Six
Take the body piece that has the pockets attached, and align the ruffles to the bottom, and sew them together.  Now take the ruffles and iron them the opposite direction.  
Step Seven
Stitch along all edges except the one with the ruffles.
Step Eight
Turn the apron inside out, and iron the bottom seam that is still open, and close it up.  Iron the  apron, and give it a top stitch around all edges..
Step Nine
Now take your waistband and align it with the top of your apron.  Make sure it is centered!!  Start on one end, and stitch all the way around....
Oh my!!  We're all done!!
So there you have it ladies!!  Was that super easy or what?  Hope that you are now tempted to attempt this...let me know how it went!!

Wow! Check out all those pockets! Folks, this is a utility belt under cover as it is so feminine if I wore it you would have no idea I had pliers, money and other tools that could pierce through metal hiding in the pocket!  LOVE IT! So versatile-- & can be used for someone from all walks of crafts & best of all, it makes a great gift! :D Thank you Citlalli for this wonderful guest post! I hope you can visit the Mano y Metal blog again soon! 

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  1. This is a great tutorial. Can't wait to give it a try!

  2. Such a cute apron! I'll have to get my mom to help me with it since she is the sewer and I'm still learning.

    I'd love for you to join my link party::

  3. So glad you ladies like Sew Beastly's DIY!
    @libby- you must let me know how yours turns out when you try it! :) :)

    @Tutus- I'd love to, just followed your link and I admit I am a novice pinterest-er ... but I'd love to figure it out & join your link party! :D



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