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 Tell us a little about yourself:  
Hola! I'm Vanessa Sanchez.  Mother, artist, community leader, optimist.  I love to paint, and my business all started with my love to make cards for family and friends.   To sum up my love i will say this, i have a huge box of old cards my grandmother saved from all her kids and anniversaries and birthdays. It's a passed on love and obsession. 

Magnet Collection can be viewed in detail HERE

how would you describe your style (your art)?  Surreal, nostalgic, magical.  My style is completely automatic. I work with what I come across and what I have left from other paintings/drawings/art.  It's more of a decoration and visual narrative to help define a feeling you wish to share with others.  Not just art, it's a personal message.  

Handmade Card can be viewed in detail HERE

what inspires you to create?  Painting and drawing are completely embedded in me.  Anything visual can inspire me, and music often inspires my moods in my art.  Please forgive my terrible memory, but I once read "For art is life experienced or embodied as realized in nature."  Art can come from anything and be inspired from anything, it takes energy and love to create it.  

Can be viewed in detail HERE

explore more ColorMeVane cards HERE

How did you come up with your shop name "Colormevane"?   I was once a part of a craft group, we called ourselves Alternative Craft Night (that's another story on it's own.)  Well I asked my crafty friends to send me ideas, and my lovely friend Argelia came up with the name.  The Vane part really should be read Vané, a common short name for Vanessa in Spanish.  But I also like the idea of it saying vain, because all art is a little egotistical.  And ColorMe well is "color me" cause I love color and want to splash everything in neon. 

View ColorMeVane entire card collection HERE

Thank you Vanessa, ColorMeVane for the lovely interview! 

Also, another thing you should know about Vanessa is she is big on upcycling and often digs through her box of cards she inherited from her grandmother and breaths new life into them. Here is a brief example of her upcycle work!

Here is a collaboration between her 4yr old son and her as an example of a recycled card.. BEFORE

she has worked her magic and gave the card new life with her artistic touch!

 Beautiful isn't it? 
Well, guess what?!
ColorMeVane is giving you the opportunity to WIN one of ColorMeVane's VINTAGE Upcycled
One-of-a-Kind Handmade Cards! 
Yep! It's a GIVEAWAY! 

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The Winner will be announced Wednesday of NEXT Week! 
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All you have to do is click on the links above to enter the giveaway! 
Ready, Set, GO! 

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