Phases I tell ya.

11:36 PM

I've been playing with the torch again... it is sort of my obsession these days... 

So today I was feel antsy and I went into the studio and fired up some pieces.. these are what I came up with...
I played with texturizing..
shapes, ... I had a thing for "round" today... I was rounding all the edges... 
             I go through phases... 
for awhile I was digging geometric, triangles... 
                        every time I picked up a sheet of copper, I ended up with another triangular pendant... 
                            but today was different... 
today I was feeling like round was the way to go... so I filed all these down and got to work..
Most of these are evolved as lovely surprises to me... I never know what the final product will be as 
fire can be so
u n p r e d i c t a b l e
which is probably why I like it...
 because I am a fan of surprises... especially beautiful ones like these..
But now I have all these pieces and as I stare at them... (which I have been done all day) I wonder, what shall become of them? What shall I make of them? 
Shall they be..
or rings? 

 What do you think? ....

Des, Mano y Metal

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  1. very beautiful! you know, i used to be all about triangles, too, but now i'm sort of moving away from them in favor of other shapes as well.

    i don't really wear rings, so i'm going to have to go with pendants!

  2. @ Danielle- it is hard to move away... as triangles come natural... but yes exploration of other (odd) shapes is in effect... & heehee you saying you don't really wear rings reminded me of your blog post yesterday of the wedding ring + grocery store. heehee.

    @Citlalli- :D Gracias! I saw you have all these giveaways going on your blog right now! I am heading over there to join them ALL- hopefully I win one of them! So genius of you to have the goin speartely! :D


  3. Hey Des! Thanks for the FB & blog love, I soooo appreciate it. I've been trying to respond to you on FB and it keeps locking up when I try to load your page. So I thought I'd leave you a comment here. I'll keep trying on FB too.
    Love your jewelry! I want to play with metal and fire too but I don't have the tools yet. Just played around a bit with it in High School jewelry making class. I like the one with the hole in it, I'm thinking as a pendant most definitely!
    My Sadie Grey cracks me up, she's a little clown. Yes, she obsesses about her drinks of water and always lets me know when she needs one! Sorry to write a book here! Glad to meet you,

  4. @ Jennifer-- Love, love love your long comment! :D I hope we can def. continue to connect online! :D Sadie Grey sounds like she has so much personality! :D heehee, I'll def. visiting your blog more!

    @Etc, Inc- I was thinking some def. have to be rings! :D

    @Vanessa- which reminds me, I totally have to make you another necklace! :D



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