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12:09 PM

hi! here is a project I have been working on for awhile now...

{ s t a t s }
Antique Copper Ring
[ A d j u s t a b l e ] band
Sealed in resin.

{ p r o c e s s }
First I shrink real-life people and make them just under an inch tall and then I...
Just playing!
These little plastic people already come shrunk :)

But I take each little figure and I think about them... 
                        what they might have been saying.. 
             doing, feeling, thinking 
                                                    and I collage a back ground and cut out words to create the phrase you see here...

Then I add a little glitter to the edges... some faux tiny gems to highlight thoughts or underline words in the phrase... and then I seal these tiny figures with the phrase under a clear glossy resin and they have to cure (dry) for 3 days and at last: they are ready to be worn and adorn your outfit.

**Each ring is unique as the figures have a mind of their own and sometime refuse to be completely sealed behind the resin... and sometimes a their foot, or section of their torso or an extended hand of theirs can be caught peeking through the resin...

this is intentional, 
I let them be, 
frozen in the resin 
as they wish to be.

This is just the beginning, I have many more ideas of how to unite these tiny figures with big words and make them live in rings...  & as soon as they are created, they will make a guest appearance on Le Blog.

{view entire Mano y Metal ring collection(s) HERE

Have a great Monday! 
Desiree, Mano y Metal

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  1. yay for projects! working with resin is so much fun, and you make such a pretty model :)

  2. Great rings, Des! Lookin' awesome as usual! =D

  3. You're amazing. So creative!

    I think you'll like my blog.
    I love making clothes.

    Follow for follow? :)


    Xox Soph

  4. Hi Soph! I stoppped by your blog and am totally following you now! :D Thanks for stopping by mine! :D xoxo.

    @ Charlotte- Thank you! :D



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