Stay up working on art. Done.

11:37 PM

We put on a movie tonight. I should have been doing homework- but I put on "Pursuit of Happiness" and let Will Smith take me through a very inspirational #true story of Chris Garner. It's so touching and I appreciate the struggle reaching success. Success is no easy path..

And so because I am obsessed with being productive and multi-tasking (tricks my brain to let me "relax" if I'm being productive while "relaxing") I worked on hand-cutting+shaping earrings and I'm launching a new series of wire necklaces.. Pendants..

works in progress... hopefully done in time for the craft show tomorrow! & expect to see the pendents in my Etsy Shop soon!

A co-worker (in cubicle land I am hostage to during the day) requested a wire necklace+earring set... And so the necklace series is inspired (ignited) by her. ;) I adore her even more now.

And while I worked on my earrings and necklaces my son worked on a clay series.. Robots+dinosaurs+birds and beyond. ;)
I'm going to vote: "bird" :)

& it made me smile- cause he never fails to amaze me with his creativity ;)
this is my favorite robot
hold on folks, the robot has toothpick hair


P.s first entry created via my phone.. So curious to see how this is going to publish! Here is to Friday night art and blogging from the phone. ;D xo!

<3 cheers to friday filled with art. <3


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  1. Returning the blog love! I love the Pursuit of Happiness, and it looks like a fun craft/movie night!

  2. The new collection looks awesome Des!!!
    OOhhhh......I love your little man's art!!!! The talent definitely runs in the family!!
    Hope your show was a great success!!! Mine was definitely better than last month's....too bad I forgot the camera!! Boo for me!!!!

  3. Thank you Steph!

    Hi Amanda! Thank you for stopping by! & yes, it sure was :D

    Citlalli! Hi!!!!! Thank you, lets see when I manage to actually get it online though (the new collection) & yea, my lil guy loves to make art, so funny! :D
    Next month bring your camera! I want to see what craft shows in texas look like!

  4. Your wire work is awesome! Cant wait to see the final product!

  5. :D Thank you Cb! :D I hope to have em' up this week in my shop! *fingers crossed*



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