Sunday FUNday {No.5} No Internet for a Day.

11:31 PM

{prelude} So today my internet was down alllllllllllll day. I would open my laptop, click on my internet button and nothing. 
Failure to connect, 
           after failure to connect, 
                        over and over. 
I had my phone with 3G to keep me somewhat connected... but it isn't the same... so without the internet to suck me into distraction or a task...
that pile of clean laundry I had been ignoring for the past few days--->got folded and put away. 
              Still no internet... 

then I went out to eat with my family... came back and 
         still no internet... 
It made me think, geez, what did I do before I could tap into the internet to work, play and everything in between...?

Well, I started to get tired, but this is normal, I am always short on sleep, but I ignore the need to nap because I feel guilty napping when I could instead be putting a dent in my ever-expanding "to-do" list... 
            "There is not time for naps!" I tell myself usually, but with this whole "internet is down" fiasco, it dawned on me: since the bulk of items on my to-do list are internet-based... I could nap! hallelujah!   
So thanks to the internet being down, I was able to grant myself peace of mind, as it was out of my control: emails would have to wait, etsy, blog, twitter, homework, photos to edit, all of it would have to wait... cause' the internet was down so mama was gonna nap!

Needless to say, my Sunday was very relaxing and slow-paced... it was like the portal of task+distraction was closed and I got a break 
          and taste of what it used to be like a few years ago before my dependency on the internet grew to the monster it is now...
Strange how much of my work is internet based and how much of my time I spend infront of a computer... 

In fact, I thought I was not going to be able to post a Sunday FUNday blog entry today, but alas, my internet came back a little while ago.. so I am feeling fully refreshed as I have had a break from the internet and it really put into perspective how much that is needed, how lovely it can be to put the internet away and relax. 
{end prelude}

{Back to regularly scheduled programming} 

Needless to say, Sunday FUNday {No.5} is pretty chill today folks, here is how it happened: My son and I went to run errands in the evening after or long nap (heehee) and while on an errand,  one of the parking garages had the sweetest view! Look! 

Then after the errands, we headed over to Chinatown to have some fun. :)

and we explored gift shops full of trinkets...
buy this one, I dare you :)

oooh, pretty!

we found his Show & Tell item for school! ha!

absolutely thrilled to discover a wooden sword

you know, for those hard to reach places.
fish anyone?

these fish are well-fed, they were as big as my head sitting in a tank by the window

So despite the tons of work I didn't get done today because my internet was down ALLLL DAY, it was Strange, how at first I was annoyed because this would set me back, delay tasks, frustrate me... then how I appreciated the down-time and temporary amputation from the internet:)

It was like a lil gift from the universe, to make me take a break & take a nap. 
After that, Chinatown was like the cherry on top.  

t'was a Sunday (relaxed) FUNday indeed! 



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