Sunday FUNday {No.8} Quick & Easy Recipe: Caramel Apples!

4:52 PM

Hello everyone! 
We got into the Halloween/Autumn spirit in my household yesterday with some homemade delicious  
Caramel Apples! 

But wait, these aren't just any caramel apples... why? because they are dipped in cajeta! 
What is cajeta you ask?

Well, according to wikipedia: 
"Cajeta is a Mexican confection of thickened syrup usually made of sweetened caramelized milk.."

In MY definition,
Cajeta is my weakness! 

My mother used to make it all the time when I was growing up and we would eat it on toasted bread, drizzle it on some oatmeal for breakfast and dip strawberries, apples, bananas or any fruit of our choice in it for a sweet delight or as I so badly love it,  I'd eat it alone by the spoonfuls :) 

So here I share with you not only a quick & easy recipe for caramel apples, but a very special one, with cajeta, & that is so easy to make! 
Without further ado, I share with you my recipe! 

I made a quick video tutorial but here are the written instructions as well, hope you enjoy! 

  The song in the video is by Jaymay, I love her! 

you will need: 
  1. Apples (Red or Green, your choice!)
  2. A can of sweetened condensed milk
  3. Corn Skewers
  4. Chopped walnuts (or any nut of your choice)
optional & just for fun!
  1. Halloween theme colored sprinkles

Step 1:  Fill Pot with water & bring it to a boil.
*Pot should be deep enough to submerge the can of sweetened condense milk.

Step 2: Once water reaches a boil, place can of sweetened condensed milk into it, cover and let boil for about 40min-1hr. 

Step 3: Rinse the Apples & dry them. 

Step 4: Take out can of condensed milk and let cool for about 30min.
DO NOT OPEN THE CAN AT THIS POINT as the heat contained in the can will cause the can to explode once punctured and you will be covered in very hot caramel

Step 5: Take a corn Skewer & place it in the center of the top of the apple, where the stem would be and apply pressure, then gently push it into the apple & secure it in place. 

Step 6: Next you will dip the Apple into the bowl of caramelized milk and rotate to cover all the apple then place it on a platter and repeat step on all apples.

Step 7: In a separate bowl, pour the crushed walnuts into it then dip the caramel apple into the bowl, rotating it until the caramel apple is covered.

At this point you can also cover your caramel apples in festive Halloween sprinkles as well using the same technique. 

And that is it! the apples are ready to be eaten and enjoyed! 
These make great treats for parties or... a Sunday (FUNday) afternoon!

I hope you try out this easy & quick recipe!
Make sure to check out the video tutorial! 

Thank you for stopping by! 
Have a great week! 

Desiree, Mano y Metal


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:D hope you join in on the Fun!

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