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10:35 AM

Hi! Hola! Hope you all are well on this Monday morning! :D 

I'd like to share a project I joined in on yesterday! It is called: "Take What You Need" Project & how I got involved was, I first saw this image below on facebook, by my friend Coya Paz.
& I was intrigued!! I commented with something like: "this is great! I love it! I want to make one too..." & then I found my friend Coya, (from Chicago) was inspired to do this when she saw Trica (from Atlanta, Georgia) post hers earlier that day!

and that was it folks, I was hooked! The project has crossed state lines! How awesome would it be if more and more people joined in from all over? Put them up in their cubicle, at the train stations, in their school or anywhere else they could think of. 

 If along your walk, you come across this paper in the street, would it catch your attention? Would you take one? Would he? Would she? Would you be intrigued? Dismissive? shy to take one?

how many times I have been waiting at a bus stop & just needed a lil' prayer, a lil hope, a lil' patience... how many times I have walked past buildings and light posts & see ads for apartments, lost cats, or cars for sale... 
         but never a paper with a words that moved me... with words that 
       I may need to see or read that day, at that very moment...  

so I had to join in on the project yesterday, me & my friend went & put up about 6-7 flyers around the neighborhood...

I am curious to see how people react, if any will dare rip what they need off the paper... what they're reactions will be...

I wish I could record what happens & share it with you all, but alas, all I could do is put them up and visit them later... & see if any tabs were taken....

please, by all means, take what you need...

Please join the Facebook fanpage we started up yesterday! It needs some "like" love & help spread the word about this project that is happening in Atlanta & Chicago right now.... will you join the project? 

should you be so intrigued: Tricia from http://www.ladyterror.blogspot.com/ outlines how to join in her blog post. 

1. Make a sign now.

2. Post them everywhere. Some ideas are coffee shops, your office, your school, grocery stores, on light poles, at your front door, in your cubicle, etc., etc.

3. Take a quick photo of the first day you post it.

4. Come back a week or two weeks later to see what people needed.

5. Share your photos, stories or blog posts of when and where you posted it on the fb fanpage:
or tweet us! :D 

6. Spread the word all over.



find us on twitter! 
& let us know your thoughts on the project!

"Like" love on the Facebook Page?  
Also, should you be so inclined, post any pics, thoughts, words or more on this page!
I hope you join the project & make one of your own! 

lots o' love.

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  1. what a great idea! i really love it too! might need to try it out! thanks for sharing!

  2. this is just such a wonderful idea. thanks for sharing a beautiful message! i hope to see these everywhere!
    xo TJ

  3. Such a wonderful project! Just 'liked' the page! <3<3

  4. @cb- Isn't it great? I was hooked when I saw it the first time & glad I finally got to take part in it!I hope you do try it!!! :D That would be so great! If you do, let us know! xoxo!

    @TJ- that would be lovely if we started seeing these everywhere! :D

    @Little Fever- awwwe SWEET! Thank you for "like"ing the project page! It needs a lil' like lovin :)


  5. I like it! I'm gonna like the page. Thanks for letting us know about it. I might come up with my own ideas of what people can take. Then I'll post it a pic on my blog to spread the movement, too, and give credit where it's due.

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