Truth Tuesday {No.2} A-ha: take on me

5:55 PM

Hola! Today, I am joining my girl
Nina on the Moon in her project:

Truth is: music makes me happy, music inspires me, music brings back memories, and music videos... oh, they are my favorite of all... like this one. I love it. I used to watch this  music video with my uncle (who has now passed on) when I was a little girl...and MTV would play this video and I was hypnotized by it every time... 

then time passed and I hadn't heard it in years and suddenly the radio played it and I froze... "my uncle, the comic book..." I thought... and smiled. 
Oh, music/music creators/music videos: how I love thee. 

Thank you for stopping by today! 
Have a wonderful week! 


what is your truth?

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  1. Love it! <3 A-ha! Music is awesome. I do feel bad for the newer generation though. What's up with music today?!

  2. OMG!!! THAT IS EXACTLY how I feel about music these days! It is SOOOO HARD to find good musical talent! And don't even get me started on mainstream radio! ugh!

  3. lol, i totally agree with sandy!! music today is not so good :( too bad!!! :( i feel the same way about music!!! wait til i send you a song from our cd~~~~ :)xoxoxox great truth and thank you so MUCH for participating!!!! xoxoxo

  4. Just realized I don't have your button on my blog yet. Crazy me! I just grabbed it and added it. ;)

  5. Kim, I'm grabbing yours too & adding it to my blog as well!! :D

    Nina- WHAT? I cannot wait to hear your song! :D yeeeeeeeaaaaaa! :D I'm loving being part of your truth tuesday project-- thanks for creating it!

  6. yeaaaaaaaa, the cd is almost done :) it's been almost a year in the making!! :D

  7. and i am so happy you are enjoying truth tuesday .cxoxo

  8. whoooohooo I can't wait to hear it!!! exciting! & of course! Lovin on truth tuesdays mujer! muah!


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