Truth Tuesday {No.3} Typo Queen

10:46 PM

Hola! Today, I am joining my girl
Nina on the Moon in her project:

Truth is: I am the typo queen in emails. Why don't I spell-check before I send emails? & sometimes I do, I swear I do, but then I need to RE-spell-check before I add more script and send them. 
I don't know. 
& you know as fancy as google is why don't they have a "FREEZE" button on emails... cause' so many times I have prematurely pressed "send" on an email and there I am frantically jabbing at the keyboard trying to do some jeti- mind trick via computer to stop the dang email from being sent and nope. 
No savior here honey, the email is already sitting in the recipients inbox premature & full of typos. 
{another, more dramatic: SIGH} 

Possible remedies: Maybe I should send it to myself first? or Walk away from the computer then come back and re-read it with "fresh" eyes? 
I mean typos are not pretty. 
Well, they can give "character" to emails?
no? anybody?
Dear Google, since you want to be all fancy these days can you please add a: "DANGIT STOP SENDING NOW FREEZE ABRA-Ca-Da-Braa!" Type of function button? or maybe a "Give-it-Back-&-remove-it-from-their-inbox" button function?
Today, I just don't wanna be the typo queen. and I'm ttried, I mean tried, no I mean tired. (see!)
This is my truth, because this has been my Tuesday.  

the tipo, er, typo queen.


what is your truth?

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  1. hola, esos accesorios hermosos que estan en tu banner, son hechos por ti? amo las pulseras con mensajes, si se pueden comprar plis mandame el link, eso es talentoooo puro y creatividad.
    Nunca dejes que nadie te diga que no puedes lograr tus sueños ya que una estrella brilla en la obscuridad.

    amor, Lola

  2. Oh man i second that! I try oh so hard to spell check but sometimes i do and still there are typos. I think part of it is slowing down and i find reading them out loud works for me.
    Xo, cb

  3. @Lola! Estoy tan feliz que te encontre! Me encanta tu blog! Y para contestar tu pregunta, SI! Los accesorios en el banner son hechos por mi y a mano. Tus palabras me hacieron tan feliz, espero visitar tu blog enseguido! BESOS!

    @cb- oh thank goodness you can 2nd that, I agree I def could take a dose of slowing down here and there.

    @steph- I mean typing on the keyboard makes it so easy to hit the wrong key by accident. thanku for stopping by!



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