Dia de Los Muertos Celebration!

12:20 PM

Hola! Just wanted to share with you the lovely  
Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) 
Celebration + Parade we participated in this week in our neighborhood!
It was my first time celebrating Dia de los Muertos and let me tell you I am celebrating it from this point on! 

There is an annual parade and festivities hosted by Pros Arts Studio & it is open to the community and anyone else who would love to join in & celebrate Dia de los Muertos. 

the transformation begins!!
the gymnasium had tables and tables of volunteers painting people's faces to prepare for the parade...
tradition is to paint your face like a calavera (skeleton) for the Day of the Dead in remembrance of your loved ones that have passed on..
Pros Arts Studio has a circus tricks class for youth and here is the class after performing for us with juggling, balancing acts & stilt walking! It was so great to see the children show off the skills they had learned!

clearly the "warm-up" shot... :)
heehee, love the contrast of poses here! <3
Loved Loved her calavera (skeleton) necklace!!! no, seriously, I was IN LOVE with it! 
Handmade paper flowers in her hair!
He was in character the entire time after getting his face painted :)

Grabbing some instruments in preparation for the parade! & Check out that lovely GIANT paper mache skeleton strumming his guitar! It took around 3 people to carry that one in the parade!
some more handmade decorations & props people carried in the parade
Some were huge and took 2 or 3 people to hold them and they danced against the sky, hovering over the crowd...

As we marched through the streets... we saw a beautiful altar of flowers, sweet bread and candles in front of a house and my night mode flash created this effect!
You should know, I am a fan of crazy photo effects like this! :) heehee.
Music! All the children were given an instrument to play, cymbals, drums, maracas, & more but there was also a live band marching with us, creating the underlying rhythm of the parade!
Something intriguing about the way almost everyone had their face painted! Def. made it a lot of fun to look around!
Here are some parade action shots...
There was hundreds of people and we walked through the small side streets and up to 18th street, stopping traffic and gaining participants along the way!

She made her "La Catrina" costume and I LOVED the flower embellishments on her hat!
They were both in character I tell you --& face-paint goes a long way! (scary!)

I couldn't get enough of how lovely she had made her costume! Next year I want to dress up too! 
Once back at the gymnasium a group of Aztec dancers performed for us!

A HUGE shout-out to Pros Arts Studio for hosting such an amazing event! 
You can check them out HERE.  
One side is me when I am happy & one when I am mad :) heehee, just playing (sorta).

Can't wait to dress up & celebrate Dia de los Muertos next year!

 Thanks for stopping by! 
I hope you enjoyed the pics! 
Have a wonderful saturday & weekend! 
(end of exclamation usage) 


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  1. looks like so much fun! i have always wanted to go to the mission district but have never made me way over there. there is a huge parade with candles and you celebrate those who have passed.
    the skull necklace that lady is wearing is awesome! i would love that! would match my skull earrings!

  2. Oh yay!! You took pics!! I wish I wasn't thousands of miles away... The catrina costume looked amazing!! XX

  3. That looks SO fantastic! :)

    I'm your newest follower!



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