I wanna follow YOUR blog via email!

11:46 AM

So I find myself exploring your blog...

I am diggin' your vibe

Lovin' your posts

and really want to stay connected....

Sure, I can "follow" your blog
that does not guarantee I will catch your posts in my feed...

and for me, the hours in a day are never enough..
I lose track of people, things, my keys & blogs!

So when I find myself connecting with a blog,
diggin' it
lovin on the content+pics+ vibe
I start to scroll on the side panel and hope that awesome blogger 
has added a:
"follow by email"

Because email is like my lifeline,
I check it so frequently,
while I am at work I check it (several times)
I check it on my phone while standing in line at the post-office,
I check my email first thing in the AM
and right before sleeping...

Q: What are you doing?
A: Checking my email.

and so, when blogs I dig have that "follow by email" gadget, I jump right in!
and find myself staying connected, getting the awesome bloggers  posts emailed to me as they post them!
It is so cool to see your pics and posts and be able to click on the link and be directed right to your blog through my email.

here is the sad part.
so many times I find blogs that I want to follow via email
because they are THAT good
"follow by email"



So I lose track of you,
I forget about your blog
or I can't remember your blog name so I can't find you...
until I catch you in my feed or log in to twitter at the very exact moment you tweet about you blog post...

but we are really leaving it up to chance now aren't we?
playing with the over-saturation of social media...

email would be so much simpler.

So, I was hoping awesome bloggers (that is you, YOU & def. you!) everywhere that don't have the
"follow by email" gadget installed...

add it?
please? pretty please?
I am sure I am not the only one that would love to follow your blog via email...
& it is all about offering options, yes?

& for those who aren't aware of how to do it here it goes.

1. Log in.  (yesss)
2. Select: "Design"
3. Navigate to your Blog "Layout" view.
4. Locate at the top: "ADD A GADGET"
Click on it!


5. The first gadget listed is: "FOLLOW BY EMAIL"
Add it by clicking on the "+" sign!

6. That is it! Now place it where ever you want on your blog

Oh thank goodness you added that convenient
Now, I can follow your awesome blog via email!

world saved.


p.s another added bonus about adding the "follow by email" gadget is:
people who don't have a blog, or aren't "bloggers" themselves can STILL follow your blog without having to sign up for any type of acct!
just another benefit to add that feature...
just saying :)

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  1. Thanks girl!! I thought I had mine up, but realized I didn't after checking. Have an awesome day! XX

  2. I didn't think I had this added yet, but I did - so I moved it up higher on the page to be easily found.


  3. whoohoo! I am going to follow all of you via email now! :D


  4. Thanks, I think I have it now on my blog. Hooray!

  5. This is a hilarious post!! I just added a follow by e-mail gadget this week after a couple of readers had asked for it! Didn't realize it was so dang popular!

  6. @ Tutus-- love the DIY tap shoes you have on your blog!

    @ Amanda- :D heehee! :D so glad you caught the humor heehee. That is so funny too how it was on your radar this week too-- signs are everywhere :)


  7. Hello from your newest follower! You are SO right about the email feature. I jump up and down with glee (not really... but maybe a little...sometimes...) when I see it! Such a great way to keep track of my favorites. :) Sea Marie


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