Sunday FUNday {No.11} Loteria Collection...

9:44 PM

Hola Gente Bella! 
Hello Lovelies! :)

It is Sunday FUNday! It was a rainy cold day here in Chicago... and I just want some kind of consistency with the weather... am I wearing snow boots? rain boots? slip-on shoes without socks? double-socks? I mean give me some kind of clue or pattern weather! Some days I make the mistake of judging the temperature outside with a glance out of my window and walk all the way outside only to run in and add a layer or change my shoes... due to the weather... come on Chicago! :) 

We went to see Happy Feet II today... and as I sat there with my 5th pair of 3D glasses, I realized all the movies I have seen in the theater lately have been in 3D! times are a changin'... 

Anyway! Now, on to Sunday FUNday pictures! :) I didn't comb my hair for this one... which leads me to go ahead and confess: those are yesterday's curls... I'm sorta against combing my hair on Sundays! I mean it's the day of rest, no? :)

Exhibit 1 & 2 in reference to my refusal to comb my hair on sundays. :) 
I was in the Chicago DIY trunk show and made sooooooo many resin pendants for that show... and considering I have had a craft show every saturday Nov12th thru Dec 10th, so I kept on makin' more... so I shall release them in "batches" so to speak..... so here is the first batch, the Loteria Collection!

can be viewed in detail here

can be viewed in detail here
Here they are: 9 of them thus far, my favorites from the Loteria Collection... And YES! I added glitter to each image as I liked the way it made the image POP and add some texture and JAZZ to the design! Hope you like em'.
"La Mano" I had to--> Mano y Metal after all! :) can be viewed in detail here
can be viewed in detail here
"El Corazon" (the Heart) I like the way the glitter dances nicely on the anatomical image sort of a collision with fantasy & reality... ;p  can be viewed in detail here
entire collection can be viewed in detail here
sneak peak of the combos! Rings and things.... can be viewed in detail here
check em' out if you'd like here
Thank you for stopping by today!
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Hope you have fun using the Cyber Monday discount for your holiday shopping pleasure!

if you missed em' here are the past Sunday FUNday posts!


& should you be so inclined to join in on the sunday funday posts, grab a button & don't forget to let me know so I can link it up in a mention here! :) 

:D hope you join in on the Fun!

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  1. This is a great collection! I love your photos. You're always having fun. :-)

  2. You're certainly working hard - may all the effort prosper!

    Have been following you for sometime now, and although I'm not really a jewllery person, do find some of your stuff really nice to look at! At 71, the opportunity to sport it is not as readily available as of yore!

    Intend to contine to follow, and would earnestly invite you to follow my site - where I post about flippant (by comparison, anyway) items such as cuddly soft toys, at I post about how I make, mend and otherwise create them, and then try to sell them at Look forward, hopefully, to seeing you there sometime.

    Meanwhile, all the best. Isobel

  3. @libby- Thank you! :D :D

    @Isobel- thank you so much for stopping by! I will definitely check out your blogs and show some blog follow love! :)

    @ Stef- heehee, I do! :)


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