Truth Tuesday {No.5} Adele Sing Along

11:12 PM

Hola! Today, I am joining my girl
Nina on the Moon in her project:
Where she asks participants to share a personal truth: be them big or small... Thank you Nina for your project!
Each week, I enjoy the truth journey I take within myself. 

Truth is: I can't help myself but sing this dang song out-loud. This bellowing of emotion usually happens in the car... while I am driving...

I mean, Adele just sings with so much passion and love... it is infectious and there I am hooked on the way she crafted the lyrics to bleed into each other seamlessly and before you know it I singing at the top of my lungs right along with her.

Oh and this is not in ANYWAY to suggest that I "can" sing... in fact, I get anxiety at Karaoke nights!  

back to the story: so.. there I am scrolling through the radio stations and BAM!
Adele- "Someone Like You" song is playing (seriously what is it about this song?!) and I always start by just listening without even realizing I started singing along---
So there I am SINGING at the top of my lungs only to realize that while singing my heart out at a stop light (big no-no) the guy sitting in the car next to me has been staring at me SING for who knows how long! 

um, can I melt away now? 
e m b a r r a s s i n g !!!!!!  

come on dude, clearly, I was having a moment here and I turn and see you staring. UGH!

& of course I told myself not to do that again...
not to sing like a crazy woman in my car
& especially not at stop lights...

but then I hear this song and can't help it...
I mean, are you able not to sing along with this song? :) I lovez it.

So this is my truth: getting caught mid-song in a mini- solo while at a stop light was totally embarrassing..
but somehow I have the feeling this might happen again...

Thank you for stopping by today! 
Have a wonderful week! 

Desiree, Mano y Metal.

what is your truth?

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